X’s Post-Credits Scene Explained: Pearl Trailer & Ti West Franchise Setup

this x The 2022 post-credits scene is certainly exciting, but even more interesting is how it’s unexpectedly built on a franchise that already has two entries deep. x Only one last girl remains, Maxine (also played by Mia Goss), standing strong after the bloody ending. Howard suffers a heart attack after having sex with his wife, while Maxine drives RJ’s (Owen Campbell) truck over Pearl’s head in an act of brutal revenge. That gives Maxine the freedom to explore her legacy as the daughter of a famous missionary, before she plunges into the night just in time to avoid Sheriff Dentler (James Gaylyn) and the rest. of his country’s police. x The ending scene?

As the end to all this carnage, Ti West x include x The 2022 post-credits scene sets up the prequel film for Pearl’s eponymous character, titled Pearl. This clip requires x audience all the way back to 1918 (x takes place in 1979), shows Pearl’s ordeal as a young woman living in the backdrop of World War I. x The film’s ending scene explained and how it established Ti West’s brand of horror.

Does X have an ending scene?

As mentioned before, x does not include a short credits scene that ends as a teaser for Ti West Pearl prequel.this x The 2022 ending scene has a different visual style than Ti West’s main film, using more grainy black-and-white cuts that are swapped with splashy color-style shots to evoke a different time period. . provocative x The prequel comes 6 months after the release of the first film.

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Pearl: What X’s End-Cinema Teases Trailer Explained

A pair of feet in the X poster walking towards the house

this x The end-credit scene serves as the trailer for the prequel film Ti West PearlLater xHer main rival when she was young.just four days ago xIt will be shown in theaters in the country, said director Ty West (overcome LA time) he wrote the prequel to his latest horror movie Pearl. Six months later, Pearl It received critical acclaim upon release, with a 90% critical score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. What x The film’s ending scene reveals that what’s to come is the origin story of the film’s main antagonist — and Pearl Not disappointed. Pearl Follow the young villain of World War I while her husband Howard is at war. She lives on the same farm as her overbearing mother and weak father, xWith the ambition to become the female vocalist of the choir, the audience quickly realized that Pearl would not use any tricks to get what she wanted.

X How to set it up before Pearl’s After Credit scene

ti west x pearl prequel

In spite of x When Pearl’s head was crushed by the wheel, Ti West’s film cleverly established many paths for Pearl’s character. Pearl A prequel even before it was announced. Among the biggest news was Maxine, the daughter of a conservative Christian, whose often televised speeches by Pearl and Howard revealed the now deceased couple’s connection. with a more devout world than Religious Connection. x The design is displayed while it is running. In addition to Maxine’s legacy of setting up the original story, there’s also the fact that x There’s a lot of nod to Pearl’s once again frenetic youth — West almost begs the audience to wonder about Pearl and Howard’s youth and their lives falling into the devil.

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X also has a sequel

Mia Gott Maxishine

Whether people know it or not, Ti West and x End of credit scene in 2022. people think Pearl It should have ended, but the director spread the word that another movie will be shown x Cosmos is meant to follow the first installment. Upcoming x sequel, title Mother XXXwill follow The Last Girl Maxine Minx as she tries to become a star in ’80s Los Angeles. The trailer has been released, giving a feel for the film’s colorful look, so Mother XXX It will certainly be as aesthetically pleasing as its predecessors. West’s announcement of the upcoming sequel, kept private, at a Toronto Film Festival screening Pearl. The new film will also be produced by independent studio A24.

When was the MaXXXine trailer released?

There is no official trailer yet Mother XXXThere is an official trailer shown by Ti West himself during a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. Pearl. The trailer is simple but has a colorful 80s vibe, it will definitely be xshades of the 70s.this Mom XXX The trailer featured a toe-tapping as viewers flicked past the famous Hollywood sign — but it was changed to “Maxxxine”. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see Mia Goth again as Maxine because a lot of people are wondering what the hell xThe Last Girl has been busy since escaping from Pearl and Howard at the ranch.

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