Word Puzzle: Can you spot the correct spelling of ‘CORRECT’ in the word puzzle?

Throughout our lives, we are often asked to walk in the right paths. Almost all religions of the world preach the right way of life to mankind. These correct paths are there to direct the path of man so that he does not lead an aimless and baseless life. However, everyone’s meaning of “RIGHT” is different.

Although everyone has a different meaning for the word correct, there is only one spelling of the word correct in English. Today you should find the correct way to spell the word “Correct”.

Spelling plays an important role in our lives. Even a small mistake in spelling can lead to wrong answers. The spelling test is similar to the math test; one mistake and the entire answer is wrong. Today we present you with a challenge that will test your attention to detail. Once you read the rules, you’ll see that they’re actually quite simple. However, when you actually start doing it, you will know that the challenge is not as easy as it seems. However, that’s where all the fun is.

So, with the correct approach, let’s begin our quest to find the correct spelling of the word correct in the word puzzle grid. But before that, let’s read the rules.

Challenge rules

The rules of the challenge are quite simple and straightforward. Since this is an easy challenge, we won’t ask you to find more words in the crossword grid. Today you are simply asked to spot one hidden word i.e. “CORRECT”.

But the twist is that while you’re only supposed to find one correct spelling of the word “CORRECT,” there are multiple misspellings of “CORRECT” lurking around the web to tease you. And oh, while these incorrect spellings of the word “CORRECT” will tease you, you should find the correct spelling of the word “CORRECT” within the time limit. This makes the challenge even more challenging. You should find the word “CORRECT” in the crossword puzzle in a maximum of 15 seconds. Well, all you need to do before you start the challenge is that you simply need to set a timer for 15 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the word “CORRECT” the moment the timer starts. Stop looking for her when the timer beeps. Now that you know all the rules and regulations exactly, you are ready to start the challenge.

REMINDER: Set the timer for 15 seconds on your phone before starting the challenge!

Find the correctly spelled word “CORRECT” in the crossword grid!


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Time is up!

Yes, it only takes a blink or two for the 15 seconds to pass. Such is the nature of time.

Before we start the philosophical lecture, let’s talk about the challenge. Okay, the challenge was a little tricky, but it wasn’t impossible at all. It was, it was easier than all our previously published word puzzle challenges. So here comes the million dollar question:

Did you manage to spot the word?

Okay, 15 seconds was enough to find the word, but if you can’t find it, don’t get discouraged. The right way to approach a challenge is to go into it with the intention of having fun, not always with the intention of beating it properly. Before we get into another word game with the correct word, let’s look at the answer!

There is a hidden word here!


Did you manage to catch exactly “CORRECT”? Did we just introduce a tab? Well exactly!

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