Women's world Cup a success: This race has been won by my Team

There were ups and downs at this year’s World Cup, women in Partenkirchen enough for Garmisch. This is the conclusion of Peter Fischer’s main ski club

There were ups and downs at this year’s World Cup, women in Partenkirchen enough for Garmisch. The conclusion of Peter Fischer’s main ski club is therefore clear.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – More than 20 centimeters of new snow. The thickness of the flakes comes from the sky and on Kandahar. The snow falls and falls and does not stop. The mood of OK’s chief Peter Fischer Partenkirchen is early on Saturday morning because the weather in Garmisch -: really bad. At least then, if you want to check out from 10am, in fact, Super-G for the ladies. All the work that had been put into the tracks in the previous days, threatened to disappear under the snow at night. Only around 11 o’clock, the sky and the face of the fisherman slowly light up. As the snow is finally less, we can go by the fact that he is actually the first runner at the Start. But that’s only because Unbelievable used to be performed on the slopes.

“My team won this race,” says the beaming head of the ski club later. He is grateful. And incredibly proud of the 400 men and women who have been clearing the snow from Kandahar since the early hours of the morning. “No machines,” emphasizes Fischer. Helpers again, 100 more than in training – shoveling, slipping. Only at the foot of the goal area does the snow thrower come again and again.

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Amazing commitment of volunteers

+ The best atmosphere for fans at departure time on Sunday.©Very

For the Super-G, at this Rennvormittag, which was also the men’s slalom in Kitzbühel, there is only a limited time frame due to TV coverage. Both places bring even more together, like Wolfgang Maier, Alpine Director of the German Ski Federation (DSV). Namely, the incredible engagement of numerous volunteers. “There are two good Topstationen in Europe, with what is ready, says Maier, with a view to “snow management”. These are Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Kitzbuhel. Organizers and helpers to be tested “an easy fight because people work extremely well.” For viewers, it may not have been so clear how much work is involved, if only ten centimeters from the slopes. “This is a challenge, I say. There’s a lot of work to do.” And according to his words, he’s proud of DSV, which he can present thanks to good work on the field in an orderly manner.

For the volunteers, the ladies’ work is successful on Saturday, not the race over. The line you’ve painstakingly cleared of snow is as wide as you need for Super-G. “The departure time is different,” explains Fischer. This means that men and women have to hit the runway again and “renew”. From the many spectators they guess, probably a little to see on Sunday in the sun in the best racing conditions and beautiful TV pictures.

Women’s World Cup successful: “My team won this race”

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