Why Jackie Chan Doesn’t Like The Rush Hour Movies

Jackie Chan admits he doesn’t like it Peak Notable films he starred in during the 1990s and 2000s. Over the years, Jackie Chan has acted in three films. Peak Movie. In addition, the actor is also planning to return as Chief Inspector Lee Rush hour 4.

The action-comedy duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker has created one of many film franchises starring the martial arts legend. Actually, the first part Peak The film was hailed as the film that catapulted Jackie Chan into a Hollywood star. Since then, he has brought that success to more American films, including two Peak next part. The work he did with Tucker continues to become known for his interest in potential rush hour 4 wandering today.

Why Jackie Chan thinks Rush Hour will flop

Interesting, Chan never cared Peak The film had to be distributed. Jackie Chan is not only unhappy with the finished product, but he obviously hopes the audience won’t like it either. In an interview, Chen was surprised to learn that Peak very popular [Slashfilm]. Chen didn’t find it funny, felt it wouldn’t work, and had the same opinion about the cast comedy rush hour 2, he actually thought it was worse than the first movie. But of course, it was also successful at the box office.

Cultural differences explain why Chan doesn’t take it seriously Peak the movie is as high level as some of his other movies like Police Story. As Chan said, he looked Peak And”a Chinese mind“He said he didn’t understand”American culture” or”American Dialogue This largely defines the humor of these films. Chen’s reasoning makes sense, as most of his Hong Kong films use humor, including food on wheels And eternal dragonvery different from the kind of jokes found in three Peak Movie.

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Why Jackie Chan filmed Rush Hour 4

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour

Although Chen’s idea Peakhe had no problem making the sequel to the movie. Jackie Chan is still committed to starring in Rush hour 4. The actor explained that although he didn’t like these films, they were successful at the box office, which seems to be enough proof that the series still exists. PeakChen once said, “I’ll be fine as long as you give me money” [iva IndieWire.] According to the actor who received the award in 2005 Related pressstarred in American films such as Peak benefits some of his other business ventures. Jackie Chan claims that the money he earns from Hollywood films is often used to finance some of his projects in Hong Kong.

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