Who wants to be a millionaire?: Judith Williams brings only 500 Euro!

Full screen Judith Williams was only 500 euros of land. ©MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius The latest celebrity special “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” were abl

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Judith Williams was a country of only 500 euros.

© MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius

The latest celebrity special “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” could viewers determine that Nelson Müller (39) sings better than Sasha (46, “the key child”) cooks, and that you should dismiss it as an exam for the insemination officer. As part of the 23rd RTL donor marathon, the German chef star, popular pop singer tried to get as much money as possible “in the lion’s den” – investor Judith Williams (46) and actor Armin Rohde (63). possibly for a good cause. In the end, the celebrities earned a total of 160,500 euros. However, it could have been much more, Williams would not have gambled.

No idea about football?

The beginning of Sasha, which should provide a laugh or two. The first question of the Evening: “What can’t a sailor properly see when he sees the dried grass in the meadow?” “Ah, hey,” the singer continued. After three more great pun questions, it started, but slowly. While Sasha provoked a few more questions – such as, for example, after the Mitgröhla song of the boy band Take That-Sovereign, he was second for Standstill.

especially with football, Sasha is amused by the question of the audience. The singer had no idea about the Germans’ favorite sports, apparently, so little that he even understood the question. He considered professionals Tim Werner (22) and Antonio Rüdiger (25) for a somewhat confusing question for the three brothers. The audience helped him and chose 95 percent of the correct answer.

Later, Sasha used a friend’s phone and called Armin Assinger (54). The moderator of the “millionaire show”, the Austrian edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, correctly noted that deer antlers are one of the fastest growing organs in the animal kingdom. For the next question, the ending, however, was not, as Sasha knew, that Walkie-Talkie is French for “talkie-walkie”. “It’s too risky for me,” said the singer and earned a bag of money of 64,000 euros.

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Polonaise can be so complicated

As the second celebrity competitor in the series, Armin Rohde also answered the first questions in the Sprint. But he also had problems on the subject of football, saved as a “dare” after the request of moderator Günther Jauch (62), but Joker, because he correctly guessed that HSV “54 years, 261 days, 36 minutes and a few seconds” was in the First league.

“How many children will go in the conga line, when the eleventh child is the ninth from the front to the back?” While Rohde thought, he gathered the Jauch Studio guests, so he could count. After a bit of back and forth this too, and the actors worked but were allowed to ask the audience if they were required to exist under the Animal Breeding Act as a “semen collection officer”, “Koitusinterruptiker”, “mating expert” ” or “specialist mating examination”. 96 percent of Gencobahians were convinced that the correct answer could only be cum officer – and therefore they were right.

The €64,000 question finally cost Rohde, both the phone and the addition of the Joker. A young girl from the audience could only guess, admittedly, that there is tug-of-war in the Bundesliga, in the category up to 640 kg. Oliver Pocher (40) decided to “phone a friend” for the same answer. At first the comedian seemed unsure, but then the tug-of-war could be “100 percent” accurate. At the time, Rohde and Jauch did not know whether Pocher might have made a joke, which is why the actor was guaranteed a date, and thus 32,000 euros. The answer was actually correct.

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Better cats than boxers

bodysuit and boxers confused apparently, Williams and Müller, which is why you failed the last question of the Evening. That’s the cat “making meow,” you might reply. Müller was slightly faster than Williams, which is why he came to him as the third candidate. And in the political question of 500 euros, the star chef had a few problems, because he understood the word joke. Jauch helped him, which is why Müller decided on real “election problems” in the voting booth, not “Libiloverlust”, “Polenz disturbances” or “Olga must have been difficult”.

The Norwegian capital, Oslo, found Müller with 2,000 euros precisely in “TschechOSLOwaskei”, and in the case with 4,000 euros, Williams helped him in mathematics. With 50/50 and asks the audience, he later found out that Shakira (51) is famous in Germany with her hit “Whenever, wherever”.

the most interesting part of the €64,000 question: “What is surrounded by the so-called meninges?” Both Müller and his “telephone friend” Jens Afflerbach did not know the answer, but they must have thought directly of “meningitis” (inflammation of the brain). Müller gambled and guessed the right decision, because his answer “brain” was correct. Since he was in 125,000, but there is no joker and is not sure, who denied, according to Lothar Matthäus, most of the DFB international matches, he increased Müller with 64,000 euros. Further gambling “I would consider irresponsible”.

Christian Wulff, except for Judith Williams, but they lost almost everything

Let’s highlight, at the end, Williams, who in the audience, among others, had Sasha, her husband and former federal president Christian Wulff (59), questions from Günther Jauch. At 4,000 euros, Jauch asked: “Who has been the Prime Minister of Japan since 2012?” Answer: “Abe”, “Cede”, “Effge” or “Ha-i-jotka”. Williams tended to “Ha-i-jotki,” the Moderator asked, but fortunately almost persuaded Wulff to come forward. I was sure it had to be Shinzo Abe. Law!

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On the €16,000 question, Williams said for the first time that she was willing to gamble – but it was really exciting for €125,000. “What, the Germans average the least per year?” Clothes, flowers and ornamental plants, furniture or body care and cosmetics? The entrepreneur wasn’t sure, he justified himself: “But imagine Mr. Jauch, I can’t pay 125,000 euros to win!” If you dare nothing, no one can win, Williams said, tapping the flowers. She was right about that! “God, I’m not going to Las Vegas because I’d never be home again,” Williams joked.

500,000 euros that they gambled away again, which will ultimately be their downfall. “Who slaughters ‘neither a lamb nor a kid’, because ‘acorns and berries are enough for him to eat?’ You would be wrong, you will e private otherwise reinforced ngagieren earn lost money back, she said. She couldn’t bend now, and she would have made accusations if you hadn’t tried. – Yes, do it – said her husband from the audience. Williams typed in a prototype, but the correct answer was Frankenstein’s monster. So they dropped again to 500 euros.

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