Which Umbrella Academy Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Netflix series Umbrella Academy There’s a strong and unique cast of characters that make this story feel different from many other superhero stories, and the evolution of the characters is one of the many reasons why fans keep watching. from episode to episode.

Even though they are brothers and sisters Umbrella Academy They were all born on October 1, 1989, relatively different personalities, in accordance with the characteristics of different constellations. Analyzing characters in this way can either emphasize their most obvious attributes or highlight more subtle ones and allow the viewer to feel a connection with characters that fit the palace. their religion.

Updated by Stacie Rook on June 15, 2022: Following on from the shocking second season, “The Umbrella Academy” returns with a third season on June 22 and promises to introduce a bunch of new characters, members of the mysterious Sparrow Academy. This is sure to create new problems for the Hargreaves siblings, who will inevitably react in different ways depending on their personalities.

Aries – Year

Guys, also known as Number Five, have typical Aries traits, such as enthusiasm and impulsivity. He likes to give orders, but has a hard time taking orders, which is why he is often stubborn and causes trouble for those around him. Even so, his perseverance helped him achieve his goals, even if it took him years to pursue them.

Aries (and Fives) can feel frustrated when situations don’t turn out the way they expected, but at the same time, they possess a strong mental capacity and the ability to adapt to any situation. In Xiao Wu’s case, this ability to adapt proved especially useful, as his life was a disaster.

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Taurus – Diego

diego looking at someone at umbrella academy

Diego is as consistent and hardworking as any Taurus. In Netflix’s major series so far, Diego has proven himself to be pragmatic and self-sufficient, trying to figure things out on his own, especially when he disagrees with his siblings.

However, this stubbornness divided him from his family, especially with Luther, who aspired to be a leader and sometimes ignored the concerns of others. However, Diego remains loyal to his siblings in a true Taurus fashion and always puts their best interests first in the end.

Gemini – Alison

Alison in The Umbrella Academy, 1960s

With the ability to influence the behavior and beliefs of others by telling them she “heard the rumour,” Alison embodies the Gemini trait as a powerful communicator with a knack for persuasion. . Beyond her skills, however, her history as a Hollywood celebrity at the start of the show is a testament to her influential personality.

Geminis are also intelligent and curious creatures, and they can apply their skills to a multitude of situations, even after one of the saddest things happened to the Hargreaves siblings ( Victor’s attack left her speechless) and Alison still did it. Back in the 1960s, Allison became a key figure in the American Civil Rights Movement.

Cancer – Victor

Viktor Hargreeves in Season 3 of Umbrella Academy

Victor is said to be the strongest of his siblings, but in order to protect humanity, his father convinces him that he has no power. Being separated from his siblings took a huge toll on Victor, and in the episodes he shows a sensitivity regarding Cancer.

However, due to being ostracized, Victor has also become a very close observer of his family, as evidenced in season one that he has published a book about the life and secrets of the Academy. Umbrella.

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Lion – Handler

Parachute Academy Handler Season 2

Leos and handlers share the same determination and are both strong, confident people in life. They are highly driven, have high self-esteem and will not let themselves be overwhelmed by anyone.

Within his organization, Handler proved to be someone who was always in control, with the ability to work hard and stay focused on a goal. However, when in conflict, this character can exhibit some of the negative traits of Leo, namely her controlling attitude towards life.

Virgo – Luther

Luther smiling at Umbrella Academy

Among his siblings, Luther seemed to be the one Reginald trusted the most. Like a Virgo, Luther is comfortable giving what he has when others need him, although this can make him manipulated, especially by Reginald.

Diligence and tirelessness are also qualities that Luther shares with a Virgo, but again, he also shows the strictness of a Virgo, as he did with Victor in season one, this caused great problems for the family.

Libra – Grace

grace from the academy oh

Although Grace is a cyborg playing the role of mother and nanny to the Hargreaves children, she is the only parent character who is emotionally open and concerned about the well-being of the Umbrella Academy members. .

As always with Libras, Grace seeks balance through peaceful acts, hoping to ensure everyone can live peacefully in her home. Her generosity is unparalleled, and this thoughtful personality is perfectly suited to a Libra.

Scorpio – Ben

Justin Min as Ben in Umbrella Academy

Ben is a very mysterious character Umbrella Academy, and this mystery is the one he shares with those of the Scorpio zodiac sign. Although he seemed reserved at first, the show later proved that he has the ability to be great.

He has very interesting abilities, but there’s still a lot about Ben that only fans of the comics know. Like a Scorpio, Ben is heroic and selfless, although his ghostly separation from his siblings can make him feel a bit jealous.

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Sagittarius – Lila

lila at umbrella academy

Lila’s story, first introduced in season two, is both an ally and a rival to Hargreaves. Sagittarius is a sign that is both caring and careless, reflecting this contrast in Lila’s personality.

Sagittarius is charming, a quality Lila possesses despite her gritty looks, a skill she uses to quickly bond with Diego. But at the same time, Lila also has the outspokenness and impulsiveness of a Sagittarius, leading to a shifting loyalty that causes her to not only betray Diego but also her managers.

Capricorn – Pogo

Pogo Monkey from Umbrella Academy

Like a true Capricorn, Pogo’s every move counts. He kept many secrets from the Hargreaves children and refused to reveal them. And, like all Capricorns, he’s capable of putting things in order on his own thanks to his perfectionist nature.

Pogo embodies positive Capricorn traits, such as a sense of responsibility for work, but on the other hand, this personality is central to some Capricorns. Umbrella AcademyHis views are not popular because his introverted personality makes it easy for him to hide the truth.

Aquarius – Reginald Hargreaves

Reginald Hargreaves at Umbrella Academy

Like all Aquarians, Reginald is quick-witted and eccentric, which has led him to adopt (or buy) a number of outstanding children born on October 1, 1989.

His strange ideas and hidden motives cause him to behave in ways that others might consider unusual, but which, from his point of view, are perfectly reasonable, making him a good fit. Sailor’s creativity and ambition. However, this ambition can take him to extremes, and he can easily appear insensitive to children.

Pisces – Klaus

Klaus gestured to Ben at Umbrella Academy

Klaus’ ability to communicate with the dead highlights Pisces’ sensitivity and intuition. He is a unique and artistic individual with a strong personal style and deep imagination.

His abilities are often debilitating for him, and like a Pisces with deep empathy, it can make him crave escapism and distance from those around him. But even with all the trauma he’s been through, Klaus still exhibits a strong personality.

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