Where to Find The Sawah Hotel Room 302 In Warzone 2 DMZ

Due to the nature of the citadel mission: warzone 2.0, Getting into room 302 can be a struggle for many players. The quest “Good Luck” takes players to Room 302 as they search for Sawah Hotel in Sawah Village on the open map of Al Mazrah. Since there are many quests in warzone 2 mission call The DMZ mode requires players to access locked locations, and it’s no surprise that opening room 302 is such a task.

Unlike other elusive locks, room 302 door does not need a key. Players entering the hotel can enter Battlefield 2.0 and discover what’s inside. Of course, finding room 302 inside the Sawah hotel in one of the many missions in DMZ mode is only the beginning of the challenge, as there are plenty of AI enemies that shoot at the player with incredible accuracy. .

Savoy Hotel Room 302 is located in the demilitarized zone of war zone 2

Players perform the quest “Good luck” on the map Al Mazrah, the first thing they need to do is find the Sawah Hotel. To do this, the player must go to Sawah, the “sunken village” at the southwestern end of the area (shown on the map). war zone 2Al Mazrah above). Upon entering the village, the player will be able to see the flooded Inn with white walls and blue borders.

An underwater player looks at the Sawah hotel in Warzone.2 DMX

When the player approaches Sawah Hotel (pictured above) mission: warzone 2.0, They should tackle any potential enemies in the area first. Although the hotel is not an inaccessible stronghold, dangerous NPCs can quickly thwart any attempt by the player to invade it. Also, while the player can use the elevator inside the hotel and find the door to room 302 (pictured below) on the top floor, the room is locked and there is no key to enter. war zone 2Tarkov-like DMZ game mode will turn it on.

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A player is viewing room 302 in Warzone 2 DMZ

Instead of searching for a key that doesn’t exist, the player can enter Room 302 of the Sawah Hotel by climbing a ladder on the hotel’s outer wall and onto the roof. Once on the roof, players will notice that every room on the top floor has a skylight. So, players go to the skylight in the northwest corner of the building (pictured below) and jump in to get to room 302.

DMZ - Sawah . Hotel Rooftop Room

Once the player enters the room, all that’s left to do is rob and get .50 GS gold war zone 2. To complete this mission, the player needs to pick up .50 GS of gold from the floor in room 302. After the player collects this item and all other loot from this location Call of Duty: War Zone 2.0they can leave the room through the door marked “Unlock room 302“Mission completed.

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