Where Is The App Library On iPhone? You’re Just A Swipe Away

While the App Gallery is a useful feature on the iPhone, some users have trouble finding it. To recall, this feature was introduced to iPhones running iOS 14 in late 2020. It’s a new way to access apps on iPhone, making it easier for users to find their favorite apps. Basically, the App Gallery helps users manage all the apps on their iPhone.

While users can add apps in the app gallery to their home screen, they can’t move apps in the gallery from one category to another. In addition, the App Gallery automatically stores all the apps installed on your iPhone. Knowing how to access the App Gallery, where apps are located and use it to search, and apps can improve the overall experience of using iPhone.

The App Gallery shows all the apps on your iPhone in one place by category. While this sounds like a cool feature Apple has to hide somewhere in iOS, like Harry Potter’s Siri spell, it’s easy to find. To access the App Gallery, users need to go to the home screen and swipe left on all the pages of the home screen. For users who only have one home screen on their iPhone, the app gallery is really just a swipe away. In the App Gallery, the most used apps are placed near the top of the screen, making them easy for users to open.

What are the different boxes in the App Gallery on iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, the App Gallery on iPhone contains various apps that are smartly organized by headings like Recommended, Recently Added, Photos & Videos, Utilities, Social, Ideas, etc are combined together. Think of these as folders containing applications for specific purposes. For example, the Utilities folder in the App Library contains apps like Apple App Store, Calculator, Clock, Find, Safari, Settings, etc. Likewise, a folder named Social contains apps. communication and social media like Twitter, Facebook, Signal, Instagram, iMessage, etc. Each folder displays four app icons that the user can tap to open the app. If there are more than four apps, their icons will shrink to take up some space.

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Users can also use the App Gallery to search for apps on their iPhone. All they need to do is open the app gallery, tap the search bar at the top of the screen, and type the name of the app. If the app exists on the user’s iPhone, it will be displayed and can be opened by tapping on it. Since all apps on iPhone are in the App Library, users can delete some pages on the Home screen to access the App Gallery with fewer swipes. However, in this case, the newly downloaded app by the user may be reflected in the app gallery instead of on the iPhone home screen.

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