Wheel Of Time: What Happens To Thom At The End Of Episode 4

Warning: Spoiler wheel of time Episode 4!

wheel of time The ending of episode 4 raises questions about the fate of Tom Merrill (Alexander Willom). The newest member of the team risks his life to save Rand (Josha Stradowski) and Matt (Barney Harris) from Fade. Of course, the mysterious walker who joined the group in the third episode broke up with the character.

at Robert Jordan’s wheel of time In the books, Walking Singer is one of the original members of the main group who left Two Rivers for the White Tower. Amazon’s adaptation of the story, on the other hand, changed things up a bit, delaying his introduction after they broke up over the Shadar Logos affair. wheel of time Thom only had a brief time with them on the show before he had to stand up to Fade. Given the power of these creatures, it’s unclear if Tom will survive or when he’ll be back on the show.

in spite of wheel of time Episode 4 doesn’t reveal what happened to Tom when Rand and Matt escaped, the books reveal more about what happened during their fight and what happened after. In the second book in the series, big hunt, it is explained that Tom’s leg was injured at Fade’s hand, but since he was never the target of the creature, Fade quickly moved on and did not attempt to kill him. As a result, Tom has a permanent limp, but is still able to continue his walking activities. Since the TV version of Tom seems to share his opponent’s fighting techniques in the books, he could be one of the few non-psychic characters on the show who can confront Faded and live his life. omission.

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Similar to what happens in the book, Rand and Matt may mistakenly think Tom is dead. In the original version of the story, none of the main characters see Tom again until Rand Althor goes to Cairhien in the second book, meaning Tom may not see Tom again. reappears if Amazon’s program follows the source material, until wheel of time second season. However, host Ralph Judkins said the live show avoids introducing the characters, only to have them disappear for a long time. That’s why Tom’s plan may soon emerge.

Tom has a big future wheel of time It is also an important role in the story of the play “Dragon Reincarnation”. So audiences probably won’t have to wait long for Tom to reappear, whether as part of Rand and Matt’s journey or alongside one of the other characters. wheel of time character, and this will be remedied in the next episodes.

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