What is the 2003 scam story? Find out everything about Abdul Karim Telgi

Abdul Karim Telgi was an Indian forger who was involved in a major counterfeit postage stamp scandal, said to be one of the largest postage stamp scandals in India. Born in 1961, he became famous for running a sophisticated company for counterfeiting postage stamp paper in several Indian states. Telgi’s fraud involved the production and distribution of fake postage stamps, which are crucial for legal and financial transactions.

His counterfeit postage stamp paper racket caused significant financial losses to the Indian government and resulted in extensive legal and investigative actions. Telgi was arrested in 2001 and faced various charges related to forgery, counterfeiting and other criminal activities. He was sentenced to prison for his involvement in the fraud.

Fraud 2003: The Telgi Story Review: Another winner https://t.co/FF7hWADqQ2

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September 1, 2023

Web series based on Abdul Karim Telgi

OTT platform SonyLiv will release a new web series titled “Scam 2003” based on the real-life story of Abdul Karim Telgi, the mastermind behind India’s biggest stamp paper scam. The series is adapted from journalist Sanjay Singh’s book, “Telgi Scam: The Ki Reporter’s Diary”, which is credited with breaking the story of the scandal.

‘Papir’ released in 2020 is another web series based on Adul Karim Telgi.

Abdul Karim Telgi Amount of fraud

Abdul Karim Telgi’s fraud was worth around ₹300 billion (US$3.8 billion). He had 300 helpers who sold fake stamps to important places like banks, insurance companies and stock companies. Even some policemen and civil servants were involved in Telgi.

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Abdul Karim Telgi Wife

Abdul Karim Telgi was married to Shahida Telgi and they had a daughter, Sana. Both have largely stayed out of the public eye, but in 2017, Shahida Telgi asked the court to honor her husband’s wish to have all nine properties confiscated from him.

Abdul Karim Telgi Politician connections

A number of civil servants and politicians were involved in the stamp scandal. Telgi admitted that he even allegedly bribed the then Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar. He also appointed former Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal and former Karnataka Chief Minister Roshan Baig. He admitted to paying INR 20 billion to top politicians and police officials of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Abdul Karim Telgi Net Worth

In 2003, Abdul Karim Telgi’s net worth was a whopping 17,000 crores INR. He reportedly has 36 properties across the country, worth more than ₹100 crore.

Telgi was put behind bars in 2001, and died in 2017.

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