What is Paramount Plus? Price, plans, and what you can watch

Paramount Plus, the streaming service once known as CBS All Access, has come a long way in a relatively short time. It started as a source for all things CBS. But the executives quickly saw the deed in the pit. Streaming was the future, and CBS was just an American brand.

So, in March 2021, a tipping point occurred. CBS All Access became Paramount Plus. Soon after, parent company ViacomCBS was folded into Paramount Global, taking its streaming service around the world, taking away exclusive content that would otherwise have stayed domestic. (Some still have different global distributors, but that’s another topic for another time.)

As such, it’s fair to ask, “What is Paramount Plus?” Well, as the service continues to grow and improve, now is the time to find out. Here’s everything you need to know about Paramount Plus.

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Paramount Plus Price: How Much Does It Cost?

Paramount Plus has two main packages: Essential and Premium. There are two main differences: Essential is ad-supported with most on-demand content, and it lacks Showtime shows or movies. Premium has no on-demand ads and includes content from Showtime. It also offers content in 4K resolution, allows for offline downloads, has support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision on compatible hardware, and has a live stream from your local CBS affiliate.

The price of the two plans increased slightly at the end of June 2023, with the Essential plan at $6 per month and the Premium plan at $12 per month. And the price increases marked the full integration of Showtime content.

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With any subscription plan, you’ll get seven days free before your subscription starts. If you want to cancel Paramount+ before your free subscription ends, don’t worry. And if you decide to keep Paramount+, they’ll start charging you after the first week.

On which devices can you use Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ is compatible with most major streaming devices, including:

  • Apple products: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad.
  • Android Products: Android TV, Android phones and tablets.
  • Video consoles: PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S.
  • Streaming devices: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Portal TV, Google Chromecast, Xfinity Flex.
  • Smart TV: LG, VIZIO and Samsung (2017 or later, and only in Australia, Canada, Latin America and the United Kingdom).
  • Desktop browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer.
  • Mobile browsers: iOS 11+, Safari, Android 5+, Chrome.

What movies are on Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ has, as the name suggests, a large number of movies from Paramount Pictures. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Paramount+ can and does have all kinds of movies from all decades, not just the Paramount catalog.

Like any other streaming service that has movies, Paramount Plus changes things up quite often. We could list dozens and dozens of movies here. But we won’t. Instead, we suggest you jump over to Paramount Plus and see things for yourself.

What shows are on Paramount Plus?

Paramount+’s TV library is what really sets it apart. The library includes content from CBS, Comedy Central, BET, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., and MTV. That means you’ll get most of the CBS catalog, including South Park, NCIS, CSI, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Criminal mindsand young sheldonand all are available in their entirety on Paramount+.

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There are also a growing number of new originals that are exclusive to Paramount+. This includes new entries into the Star Trek universe, incl. Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: The Lower Decks, Star Trek: Picardand the next Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. It’s also the only place to watch exclusive content. South Park release. It should be noted that Star Trek: The Wonder of Wonders not only has an entire season been canceled (the second season hasn’t been completed yet), but you can no longer watch it on Paramount+.

Paramount Plus is also home to the spread yellow stone universe. In addition to the flagship series, you will also find there The Mayor of Kingstowndirected by Antoine Fuqua and starring Jeremy Renner, and yellow stone prequel in 1883. And that’s just for starters.

You will find numerous offers for reality shows, news (incl. 60 minutes) and content from the Smithsonian Channel.

Can you watch live sports on Paramount Plus?

Yes, Paramount Plus has live sports. Actually, quite a few of them.

The biggest is the NFL. That doesn’t mean that Paramount Plus will let you watch every NFL game, because it doesn’t. It also doesn’t let you watch out-of-market NFL games. (We’re not even talking about Sunday Ticket.) But if you have any of the Paramount Plus plans, you’ll be able to stream the regional game available on your local CBS affiliate. If you’re on the $5/month Essential plan (which also includes on-demand advertising), you’ll be terminated as soon as the game ends. So if you want to get in on any post-game action, you’ll need to sign up for a Premium subscription.

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Another kind of football, or football, so to speak, is also prevalent at Paramount Plus. Specifically, it’s available (mostly) on the Paramount+ Premium plan.

The best example is the UEFA Champions League, which each year pits the best clubs in Europe against each other. You will be able to watch the Champions League in any of the two Paramount Plus packages.

This is followed by the Europa League, which consists of teams that failed to qualify for the Champions League. There is also the NWSL (United States Women’s Professional League), Italy’s Serie A, Brazil’s Brasileirão, the CONCACAF Nations League, the Scottish Professional Soccer League, and various World Cup qualifiers. For all of that, you’ll need the more expensive Premium plan.

What you don’t get out of any of this is any live sports in 4K resolution. That’s not really a surprise: such features are rare on any streaming service right now. But it would still be nice to see it at some point.

Paramount Plus display featuring the Star Trek: Prodigy series.

Can you watch Paramount Plus with a cable subscription?

Today, if you want to watch Paramount+, you must have a Paramount+ subscription. Final point. No more free refills.

But what you can do is use your existing subscription to your TV provider, whether it’s cable, satellite, or streaming, to log on to CBS.com and get a live stream from your local CBS affiliate, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ. or ET. Live.

But that doesn’t get you to Paramount Plus.

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