What Happened To Theo In American Horror Story: NYC? (Is He Dead?)

warning! This article contains spoilers for American Horror Story Season 11, Episode 8! According to return American Horror Story: New York Severely ill, fate seems to dictate that he dies at the end of episode 8. After leaving Sam and starting a relationship with Adam, American Horror StorySeason 11 character Theo goes to Fire Island for the weekend with his new boyfriend. However, it is implied that Theo was infected with the same virus that affected Hannah and Adam, and his illness seems to have left him in American Horror Story: New York.

in the last scene American Horror Story In season 11, episode 8, “Fire Island”, Theo is chained to a tree on the “meat rack” of Fire Island, drugged and kidnapped by Sam. However, Big Daddy’s sudden appearance frightens the group. American Horror Story Season 11’s Henry the Rogue, who was manipulated by Sam to accidentally attack Theo. Although Theo is not AHS: New YorkBig Daddy, whose presence makes Theo sick and drunk, sees a group of ethereal men he had photographed suddenly appear from the beach. The man with the antlers told Theo that he would “be remembered‘”, they lead him into the white light, implying that Theo is now dead.

Did Theo die of AIDS in American Horror Story: New York City?

Even though “AIDS” hasn’t said it yet American Horror Story: New YorkTV show Ryan Murphy alludes to a mysterious virus affecting their gay characters in season 11. Theo has the same symptoms as Billie Lourd AHS: New York character Hannah, it is revealed that they both suffer from the same AIDS-related illnesses. Although Theo’s death is so vague that it’s possible that Sam drugged and murdered him, it makes more sense from the inside. American Horror Story: New YorkThe story AIDS killed Theo.

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Why did Theo meet his dad before AHS: NYC died?

American Horror Story season 11 Theo's Death in New York

follow death in American Horror Story Season 11, Episode 8 provides the biggest clue to the truth behind Big Daddy’s mysterious existence. Instead of Adam believing that he is an evil serial killer terrorizing the gay community, Big Daddy may actually be a spiritual entity and when a character dies because AHS: New YorkA virus that appears to be AIDS. Big Daddy seems to symbolize the eradication of AIDS American Horror Story Season 11 character, so while he’s not a serial killer like Whitely/Mai Tai Killer, he describes the virus as a major threat to the gay community.

This also explains why Sam tells Theo that Big Daddy is dead, as he may be the spirit of one of the gay men Theo filmed, who may also have died of related illnesses. to AIDS. So far, Big Daddy has been seen stalking gay characters like Adam, Hannah, Gino, Patrick and Theo, all of which have been hinted at. American Horror Story Season 11’s Mystery Virus. Since Big Daddy apparently murdered Patrick’s wife, Barbara, her death seems to suggest that Patrick passed the virus on to her, which was the cause of her fate. hers. Big Daddy also specially stalks Gino on Fire Island American Horror Story: New York Episode 8, hinting that he could be the next victim of the virus.

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