What do thunderstorms look like from a plane? Watch viral video

An incredible video showing a thunderstorm from a plane has left people wide-eyed. The mesmerizing video was shared on Instagram by a user named Param.

Picture of a thunderstorm from an airplane. (Instagram/@Param)

“Ever wonder what thunderstorms look like at 35,000 feet?” reads the text insert on the video. The clip opens to show lightning bolts covering the sky. This thunderbolt startled many people. (Also Read: Pilot Turns 360 Degrees In Mid-Air To Help Passengers See Aurora Borealis)

Watch the video of the thunderstorm from the plane here:

This post was shared on June 8th. Since it was shared, it has gone viral with over 57,000 likes. Many people even took to the comment section of the post to express their thoughts on this video.

Here’s what people are saying about this clip:

The individual wrote: “It’s a whole light party going on.”

Another said, “This is so scary!” A third commented: “It’s literally like fireworks in the sky.” A fourth said, “There is a concert going on there.” “Someone’s running with a flashlight in those clouds,” joked another. A sixth said: “This is absolutely crazy.”

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