Wendy Rieger Husband: Who Is Dan Buckley? His Age, Job

Meet Dan Buckley, the husband of NBC4 host Wendy Rieger, who died after a battle with brain cancer. The news station revealed that he was 65 years old at the time of his death. In July 2021, he announced that he would undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor and that he was undergoing treatment after being diagnosed with glioblastoma.

A few months later, Wendy also underwent open heart surgery to fix her heart problems.

As reported, Wendy breathed her last while holding hands with her husband Dan. She’ll learn more about Dan Buckley below. We are processing his age, job and relationship details of him.

Meet Dan Buckley, husband of Wendy Rieger

NBC4’s Wendy Rieger was married to her husband, Dan Buckley. They worked together at the station for 10 years. They were married to their partners at the time. After Dan moved from news to sports, along with the late broadcaster George Michael, they would occasionally meet and chat in the hallways.

“I always thought that if I ever got free, I would throw myself at him like a sumo wrestler,” Rieger said. “I was not raised to be reserved.” They began dating after Dan filed for divorce in 2020. They got married in November 2021, so they had been married less than a year at the time of his death.

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After Wendy’s death, Dan posted a photo of a Rabindranath Tagore quote that read: “Death doesn’t put out the light, it only puts out the lamp because the dawn has broken.”

On New Year’s Day 2022, Wendy posted on her IG captioning her resolutions that she will spend 33 more years with her husband in 2022. She wrote: “New Year’s Resolution 2022 – Live the next 33 years with this guy @medanbuckley # usbaby, us #hunkyhubby”.

Wendy was married at least once before meeting Dan. She married CNN producer Sol Levine. The marriage lasted only a few years. However, they ended the marriage on time. After his death, Sol mourned the loss of his ex-wife and posted two photos of Wendy on his Facebook.

In 2017, Wendy met her boyfriend, Patrick. She posted: “Meet my boyfriend Patrick. Together for a year. Am I the only independent woman struggling to let someone in?

Wendy also joked about relationships while reporting, and that didn’t make her any less of a journalist. “Note to self: waterproof mascara!” she teased herself as she was comically drenched in the storm she was reporting on. When the hurricane failed to develop into the telegenic maelstrom required by the television news, Rieger looked at the too-calm swell behind her and deemed it “nothing special”. She added: “Kind of like my love life.”

How many children does Dan Buckley have?

Dan Buckley is the father of a son named Ian Buckley and a daughter named Kate Buckley.

A father and son duo share a love of biking on remote trails. While in May 2020 she posted on his Instagram: “First trail ride of the year and ran into @irbuckley doing 30 miles. I managed about 6. Maybe I can keep up with him on the new bike! #senecabluffstrail @allmountainbrothers @moremtb #rideyourbike.”

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In November 2009, Dan tweeted about a trip to South Carolina to visit his Ian. Ian is on Instagram (@irbuckley).

Speaking of your daughter, Kate is a special education resource teacher. She currently lives in Maryland and is married to her husband with whom she shares a son and a daughter. Meet Kate on Instagram (@katebuck23) and Twitter (@katebbug).

Dan also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. According to his IG post, he has a granddaughter named Eleanor (Ian’s daughter) and a grandson named Henry.

Dan Buckley Age

Born before 1954, Dan Buckley should be at least 67 years old in 2022. He celebrates his birthday on July 3.

Business Dan Buckley

Dan Buckley worked as a photojournalist for NBC News for 37 years. He retired before December 2021. In June 2017, he posted a photo while driving in DC. He captioned the post “#drivingdc part of the job.”

In January 2014, Dan tweeted how much he loves his job. He just tweeted: “I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.”

As for his late wife, Wendy worked as an anchor and reporter for NBC4 Washington before retiring after 33 years. She began planning for her retirement two years ago, hoping to learn the cello and other things her busy work life left her no time for.

Wendy got her start as an actress in her hometown of Norfolk, VA, when she took a job as a news anchor for a local radio station in the late 1970s to earn extra money, The Washington Post reported.

A colleague at the station reportedly advised him to “sound” like a journalist: “You know, seriously,” they told him, “like Walter Cronkite.”

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Prior to joining NBC4, Wendy worked for CNN’s Washington Correspondent and WAMU, America’s College Radio Station, as a writer and host. She also worked on WTOP as a presenter. In 1996, Wendy began hosting the weekend evening newscast on NBC4, and in 2001 she moved to the evening newscast.

Also, in 1980, Wendy graduated from American University with a degree in journalism.

Is Dan Buckley on Instagram?

Yes, Dan Buckley has an Instagram profile. Find him at (@medanbuckley). He is also on Twitter (@BuckleyDan).

Related FAQ

  • Where is Dan Buckley from?

Originally from Ireland, Dan Buckley has Irish heritage. Also, according to his April 2019 post, he has six siblings. He also flaunts his heritage on his social media, as he tweeted in July 2013: “Irish Rep!”

  • Where was Dan Buckley educated?

As for Dan, his academic grade hasn’t been ruled out yet.

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