Want a modern pool for your modern home? You may want to check out Modpool

If we can turn them into homes, then surely we can turn shipping containers into one of the greatest additions to our homes — swimming pools. One company is doing just that and has created what it calls the swimming pool of the future.

Meet Modpools, the Canadian brand responsible for patent-pending pools that use “the structural rigidity of a modified shipping container to provide end users with a portable hot pool.” Modpool promises setup that only takes a few minutes and also wants you to spend time in your pool all year round. For this purpose, a control was developed that can increase the water temperature by up to 30 degrees per hour at -10 degrees Celsius. And since this is a 21st century innovation, you can control the temperature, nozzles and lighting from your smartphone.

Paul Rathnam, owner of Modpools, spoke to Digital Trends about creative new uses for these giant crates and whether or not you should consider investing in one. “Shipping containers are naturally durable and structurally sound,” he told Digital Trends. “Repurposing a shipping container reduces the carbon footprint and turns something that may not have been useful into something that we think is a lifestyle changer, a modern tool.”

Modpools are only 50 percent of the cost of conventional pools in the country, and come with a hot tub and pool that can be detached in the colder months. This means you can decide which part to heat and enjoy the separate benefits of a pool and hot tub, all for a single price.

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When asked if shipping container pools would be easy to install, Rathnam said, “Our pools are delivered completely ready to use with all pool equipment installed. With easy soil preparation, electricity and access to gas, you can just plug and play. “

He added that the Modpool, which has a window on its side, can be placed where traditional pools in the country cannot be. “A lot of people have soil that is too hard because of the rocks or, alternatively, they have soil that is too soft because of the high water tables,” Rathnam noted. “Modpool can be installed above ground with decks built around it, partially in the ground behind retaining walls or completely in the ground. We have found that many of our customers want a pool but cannot install a traditional pool.”

And because it’s easy to set up, it’s also easy to move — meaning you’ll never leave your pool behind when you move. “This is a big departure from the traditional pool and makes our pools a smart lifestyle and financial choice,” said Rathnam.

Modpool has a distinctive look that makes it a valuable addition to any modern home. “When I set out to design and build a shipping container pool, I wanted to do something completely new and unexpected,” Rathnam said. “When I had the idea of ​​adding a window, I knew I had to make it happen. The window was a big challenge, but it was worth it. It opens up the space and completely changes the bathing experience. The window defies the norm, taking a shipping container and turning it into something special.”

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No details on Modpool pricing yet, but if you’re intrigued, you can stay up to date here.

Updated 4/17/2017: Updated to reflect Paul Rathnam’s quotes from Modpool, not Mark Kohlen.

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