Visual puzzle: Even 5% can’t find the owl hidden in this optical illusion

Nathaly Vizarreta 19.9.2023. 14:42. m.

The visual puzzles They represent an excellent way to exercise the mind. As you dive into these challenges, you are on a journey that tests your perception, your powers of observation, and your ability to detect hidden patterns.

These hobbies are not only fun, but also offer tangible cognitive benefits. Solving visual puzzles strengthens your visual acuity by forcing you to pay attention to details and train your eyes to recognize differences and irregularities in images. In addition, these activities stimulate the part of the brain responsible for problem solving and logical thinking.

Can you find the owl in the photo?

Below I present the picture that nature gives us at its best. The photo immerses us in the intriguing world of wood. But this is not just a look at nature; That is a challenge in itself. Can you spot the sly owl hidden in this composition? 95% of participants face the challenge and, for the most part, succumb to the complexity of this picture. This challenge requires not only visual acuity, but also mental dexterity and speed in your reasoning. Are you ready to test your senses and your cognitive speed?

VISUAL PUZZLE | Finding the hidden owl in this picture will really test your eyesight. | Caters News Agency

Visual answer to the puzzle

Did you manage to discover it? If your answer is yes, you show an agile brain and eagle vision. Only 5% of the participants managed to solve this puzzle in less than 5 seconds, while the rest took slightly longer.

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SOLUTION OF THE VISUAL PUZZLE |  An owl's head can be seen in the center of the tree despite its best efforts to remain undetected.  |  LARRY LYNCH/CATERS NEWSSOLUTION OF THE VISUAL PUZZLE | An owl’s head can be seen in the center of the tree despite its best efforts to remain undetected. | LARRY LYNCH/CATERS NEWS

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