Visual challenge: How many tigers can you count in this photo in 10 seconds?

Nathaly Vizarreta May 7, 2023. 09:30 am

In this article we present a visual challenge will test your observation skills and attention to detail to count in a short amount of time. Do you think you can count how many tigers are in this photo in just 10 seconds? Get ready to test your visual perception.

Before you begin the challenge that Depor has specially prepared for you today, it is important that you know exactly what you need to do. There are several images of tigers in the picture and some of them are hidden. Look closely at the figure and identify every detail before you start counting.

Remember that you only have 10 seconds to complete this exercise successfully, so try to be fast and accurate. To make the challenge more interesting, you can compete with your friends or family and see who can count the correct number of tigers in the shortest time.

How many tigers do you see in the following picture?

How many tigers do you see in the picture? (Photo:

A solution to a visual challenge

The visual challenge of counting tigers in a picture is a great way to test your visual perception skills. How many did you manage to see? There are 13 tigers in total, only they are very well camouflaged and only those who pay special attention to details can find the answer within the limited time.

There are a total of 13 tigers in the photo.  Did you manage to see everything?  (Photo: are a total of 13 tigers in the photo. Did you manage to see everything? (Photo:

We hope you enjoyed solving this optical illusion challenge with us. You can visit for your daily dose of mental exercise and joy. Resolving these optical illusions can help you become more observant and detail-oriented. We have a lot of optical puzzles to help you achieve the above skills.

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