Vegan, gluten-free, healthy If diet dogmas take over

I press Send. How is it, an invitation for my birthday. Pleasant gathering with wine, good food and music. Two days later I get the first feedback. Cook

I press send. How is it, an invitation for my birthday. Pleasant gathering with wine, good food and music. Two days later I get the first feedback. Cook, would it be possible to make something gluten-free? Shortly after, another commitment under the title. Tina can only come to ask for a lactose-free dish. Great, I think. Good start. Then there is the chicken curry.

When shopping, everything ends up in my shopping cart. Also chicken. So far so good. Just before my favorite day of conversation with a colleague: you don’t eat any animal products, I could just replace the chicken with smoked tofu. When asked what the hell smoked tofu is, he looks at me with a frown. But I mean the question quite seriously. As abwinkt says, you bring something to yourself by snapping my collar.

My day, my dinner, my idea – nothing more than that is mine. Those who were once considered normal are now outsiders. I feel like a murderer when I buy a sausage at the counter. Caught in the act, I feel, if I have pasta with cream sauce to order. How did it get to this point? Suddenly I’m the problem: a woman in Hamburg with a penchant for cheese of all kinds.

food is the biggest enemy

Tina gets impure skin with lactose. My colleague, animal rights activist par excellence. In the case of stomach aches, Lotta says, “You know, I’m allergic.” None of them come up with an idea, the rest is his consumer behavior. None of them are bad, not to mention his stupid diet at every opportunity.

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lactose, fructose, gluten, food intolerance – you have to, really.

I know I have to let time wash over me. As my colleague points out, I am also sympathetic to my reckless behavior towards animals, it closes! Angry, I stand next to her. I angrily slap cheese and sausage on the bread. I chew my noodles angrily. Gluten or not. And I get angry fag milk in my coffee. Yes, cow’s milk. I’ll take food from anyone, make a mess. And even less will I make excuses for it.

I have no desire to have any remorse

I want to spend all my money on a juicy Burger. Best with extra cheese. I wish my colleague was her millet porridge at the sight of a dripping meatball stuck in her throat. I want Lotta’s stomach ache with every bite of my labberige wheat pastry. And I want Tina to start popping pimples just thinking about cheese.

In my head, a confusion of a vortex of intolerance, dogmas and food trends. Supermarkets are full of gluten-free meat substitutes and pasta. Every water vegan, every loaf of bread is now lactose free. Food bloggers Bahis Siteleri are nutritionists, the seal of a new status symbol. and me? I stand there, among the pale, vegan slices of cheese, and only one can think: are you crazy?

nutrition tips What really makes us healthy and slim: the most important discoveries, the best methods Nicole hot man

one or the other of you may think I’m being completely selfish. But I have the welfare of animals in my heart. I also consider sustainability and the environment to be important issues. And of course, I also want to eat healthy, to feel good. But there’s one thing I want just as much: My plate is mine. My food, without someone looking at me like I’m a monster. I don’t want to suddenly rethink my diet, just because it fits the concept of “healthy”. And I wish I could openly say that for me life without cheese is unimaginable.

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More than half of intolerance only a

A few may actually have an intolerance. Your stomach will probably really hurt. But let’s be honest: The rest are just silly posers. According to the survey, 23 percent of Germans can do without certain foods that they do not tolerate, according to their own statement. True, only 15 percent are seriously lactose intolerant. In the case of celiac disease, an autoimmune disease, gluten intolerance is present, not even one percent. I strongly doubt that Lotta has an allergy – and you should be happy.

Now everyone has a strong opinion on the topic of nutrition. He is convinced that he knows exactly what to eat and what not to eat. Real nutrition as the only Correct show. More and more of my friends belong to the food community, subject to strict dietary rules. Right, I have to give credit to the media when they talk about some kind of replacement religion. I would go a step further: the dogma about diet restricts not only religion. No, for me you already have some kind of cult. And I don’t want to convert.

The new pleasure of eating is why it is so important to us when we eat

they invited us here today, I loved eating with friends. Today, a stone from my heart, even for my parents. In yoga class, I talk about clean eating, food intolerances and new superfoods. We feel good about putting marked products on the checkout line, let’s buy vegan fashion. With the labels and dogmas characteristic of my environment, of your status, Who didn’t know what Matcha is, lost.

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self-optimization, something special that would have to be described

If I can come up with one word to pay homage to this questionable lifestyle, I always end up coming back to The Arrogants. Yes, I would call it, almost arrogantly, with what complacency, my surroundings are left out. On bread, meat, cheese. With what satisfaction you can answer the question whether you do not suffer from deficiency symptoms. Proud of you all. Lotta, Tina, my colleague. Proud of the environment that needs to be demarcated. But no one notices because of you, that you haven’t been anything special for a long time? If someone feels attacked: Eat what you want. Only the second gets on my nerves.

So we are sitting at the end on my birthday. At the table, gluten-free, lactose-free pasta, sauce and vegan cheese sprinkles. All that can save the mood now is good wine. But not for my colleague. Because, who would have thought: the wine I bought is not vegan. With a deep sigh, I decide not to let my birthday be ruined. There’s just one thing I can’t resist: you can all suck it! I will eat alone in the future.

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