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Seeing Travis “T-Bone” Turner in The Bone Collector was quite the struggle, but it looks like this is the end for this extremely talented hunter. In late 2021, Travis was diagnosed with an extremely fast growing malignant cancer, and the only way to get rid of it was to amputate his leg!

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What happened to Travis “T-Bone” Turner from The Bone Collector?

It was February 1, 2022 when Travis “T-Bone” Turner first announced the devastating news via IG and FB that he would be undergoing leg amputation surgery.

According to him, in July 2021 he went to the hospital for treatment due to an infected tick bite. And while he was there, the star also asked the ER doctor about the lump on his lower right leg. Since the nodule was the size of a grape, the doctor told her that it was probably just keeping an eye on it.

By the following month, the nodule had grown to the size of a golf ball and he was immediately referred to a general surgeon. Also, when it was his turn to be examined, the knot was even bigger with two additional knots next to it.

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And when the nodule finally grew to the size of a tennis ball and “pierced the skin and bled,” the doctors knew they had to do a biopsy.

Ten days after the biopsy, Travis was told he had fibrosarcoma, a rare form of extremely fast-growing malignant cancer. In addition, he was so large and so intertwined that it was impossible to remove all the cancer by removing the tumor.

So he was forced to amputate his leg.

The surgery was then performed the first week of February 2022, and by the second week, Travis was on the road to recovery. “Just a quick update. The operation went well. My leg hurts. But I’m still in a good mood and other than that I feel good,” Travis informed fans of him on February 9 via a FB post.

Travis “T-Bone” Turner weighs in today

Travis “T-Bone” Turner reportedly weighed over 300 lbs (136 kg) in 2022. However, after leg amputation surgery, he must have lost some amount of weight.

If you don’t know, this isn’t Travis’s first surgery. In late 2004, he underwent gastric bypass surgery, after which his weight steadily decreased from 247 kg (544 lb) to 227 kg (501 lb) on October 20, and to 172 kg (379 lb) on October 30. April 2005.

Who is Travis “T-Bone” Turner’s wife?

Travis “T-Bone” Turner’s wife, Michelle Turner, is a teacher who reportedly worked in the Coweta County School District in Coweta County, Georgia.

The two got married on December 23, 2003, after being in a relationship for more than 2 and a half years. Even in 2022, the lovebirds were still going strong, and Travis was never shy about showing it off on social media.

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On Michelle’s 39th birthday (meaning June 8, 2019), Travis took to his FB to write, “Happy birthday to my wonderful wife Michelle. My ride or die partner in crime baby mama. The main squeeze, the better half, the anchor of the family”.

Speaking of their children, Travis and Michelle welcomed their son named Archer on September 28, 2005. And yes, the name “Archer” comes from their obsession with archery.

Travis “T-Bone” Turner Net Worth

Travis “T-Bone” Turner has earned a net worth of less than $700K as of 2022.

An archery guru and hunter, Travis first made his mark in the hunting world after winning the 1991 ASA World Archery Championships. During this time he also worked as the owner and manager of one of Georgia’s largest archery. With the win, he was able to build long-term relationships with companies like Realtree, Hoyt, Bone Collector, and Whitetails Unlimited.

Guy then went on to work as a bow technician for national celebrities and professional athletes. Finally, in 2008, he received an invitation from Michael Waddell to join his dream team, Bone Collector, and was catapulted into the international spotlight.

In addition, Travis has also served as a spokesperson for Whitetails Unlimited.

To mention his qualifications, Travis is an ASA and APA Certified Professional Shooter who is a 4 time Georgia State Champion. He is well versed in wildlife management, has a great reputation in the outdoor industry, and is the owner of “”.

Travis “T-Bone” Turner Age

Travis “T-Bone” Turner was 41 when his leg was amputated in 2022.

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He receives birthday cards on August 8, which makes him a Leo zodiac sign.

Who are the parents of Travis “T-Bone” Turner?

Travis’s parents were also hunters. His father was a firefighter in Dayton, but the family had to move to Atlanta when he was transferred. And that’s where Travis learned to hunt.

Of all the people who have influenced him, Travis said his dad is his number one icon. “He took me squirrel hunting and fishing when he was 4 or 5 years old. “He bought me my first bow for good grades when he was 9 or 10 years old,” the star explained.

Unfortunately, Travis lost his mom to cancer in 2020.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Travis “T-Bone” Turner from?

Travis was born in Dayton, Ohio and grew up in Atlanta.

As of 2022, he lived in Hogansville, GA with his wife and son.

  • Is Travis “T-Bone” Turner on Instagram?

Yes, here is his IG @tboneoutdoors.

Also find him on FB @tboneoutdoors, Twitter @outdoor tboneand Youtube @tboneoutdoors.

  • How tall is Travis “T-Bone” Turner?

Travis is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) tall and has a large build.

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