Top Gun Maverick: 10 Other Best Movies About Military Training, According To Reddit

Just a few weeks after its premiere, Top Gun: Maverick Already the highest-grossing film of 2022, audiences find it interesting for a number of reasons. Aside from the basic human story, the film has some of its best training scenes, as Maverick (Tom Cruise) trains a group of young Navy pilots for a mission to bomb a foreign uranium enrichment plant. no name.

Throughout Hollywood history, there have been numerous other films about basic or advanced military training. Some simply summarize the entire learning curve, while others really go into detail, such as Paramount’s latest blockbuster. Fans pick the best military training movies on Reddit.

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In what is undoubtedly one of Stanley Kubrick’s best films, an abusive instructor drags recruits to hell as they prepare to do their duty in Vietnam. Reddit user jupiterkansas described it as “the ultimate boot camp movie”, adding that “nothing has topped up since”.

Full metal case Was a blast because it served so much in training and warfare. It is perfectly divided into two parts, the first depicting the harsh training at the Marine Corps recruiting base on Parris Island, South Carolina, and the second depicting the gruesome missions in the Marine Corps. Vietnam. The biggest villain of all is Sergeant Hartman, the instructor, who harasses platoon members for no reason and shows no empathy even in the worst situations.

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Saw Blade (2016)

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Sam Worthington hacksaw rib

Before World War II, a recruit refused to carry a weapon for religious reasons. PatrickBateman429 enjoyed Mel Gibson’s project, calling it “a very useful war movie”.

The film is based on a true story and the courage of the main characters throughout the film makes it a rewarding viewing experience. He didn’t budge when his teammates turned against him, or when he was taken to a military court and threatened with prison. During the war, he won the hearts of the audience even more when he saved many of his haters without holding a gun.

Beautiful Woman (1999)

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French soldiers train at Beau Travail

A Foreign Legion officer ruined his career by allegedly hurting a rookie he was jealous of. Zorro MeasFox described the French film as “remarkable, hypnotic and metaphorical”.

Fans who are more interested in the training process than the missions themselves will love this adaptation. Everything from attack lessons to instructions on how to defend buildings is covered. But what’s really fascinating is the clash between two skilled soldiers. In addition, the LGBTQ+ theme is explored, which is very rare in the war genre, even today, as it hints at the presence of affection between the two.

Jarhead (2003)

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Jamie Foxx And Jake Gyllenhaal Stare At Each Other In 'Jarhead'

According to the memoirs of US Marine Anthony Swaford, jar head Recount his experiences during the Gulf War. Reddit user vanrainblacksox noted that the film “has one of the most intense training scenes”.

While it’s not one of Sam Mendes’ best films, this biographical war film does a great job in many ways, with an emphasis on honesty, as there’s no training to make the characters go crazy. fearful participants. delighted. Soldiers have a lot of personal issues to deal with besides the war, including spouse’s infidelity back home.

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Children’s Play 3 (1993)

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Andy is afraid of Chucky in

The events of this thriller follow a murderous doll wreaking havoc on a military academy. To this, LegsareLava simply commented: “OMG this is crazy!”

Kids Games 3 Not the best in its series, but unlike the other entries on this list, it’s all about fearing and keeping enemies in training camp. Fans of the horror genre will surely enjoy it more thanks to the paranormal events and the large number of victims who are mostly dolls that let their guard down.

Faucet (1981)

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click on the movie tom cruise

Upon learning that a military academy is about to be destroyed by a real estate company, the students decide to organize an uprising. Reddit user redditwascoolbefore said “this is really cool.”

Although a military story, faucet Considered one of Tom Cruise’s best non-action films because it is more about drama and politics than violence. Fans were able to enjoy many tense moments, including the moment where the cadets faced off against the police and the National Guard, who were dispatched to deal with the uprising.

Megan Levy (2017)

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Megan uses her dog to track enemy warriors in Megan Levy

After basic training, a U.S. Marine Corporal was paired with a service dog on several missions in Iraq. Regarding the biopic, Taylor Lang said “it has a uplifting story.”

big tax money It’s refreshing because it features a female lead in a genre characterized by male masculinity. The fact that the dog also became a star is pretty cool too. Like humans, this dog will go through a number of challenges that will affect his career, including a diagnosis of facial paralysis. Even better, these facts are absolutely true.

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Stripes (1981)

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Actor: StripesBill MurrayHarold RamisIvan Reitman

After struggling to find success elsewhere, the two join the military but find life harder than they expected. Chazzyphant recommended the film because it “looks funnier.”

Most of the items in this particular category are dark in color, but stripes Laughter filled every minute, well worth watching over and over again. The audience was forced to laugh and feel sorry for the practitioners when they did some basic tasks wrong. Fortunately, there is a happy ending in the last few minutes.

The Boys of Company C (1978)

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A training scene from The Boys of C Company

A group of five Marines go through training and realize how difficult life in the military can be. MoviesVeteran described it as “a good movie, truly forgotten”. Though not named as one of the best Vietnam War films, this tough film packs an emotional punch and is well worth watching.

In addition to memorable scenes, including a scene where a soldier jumps on a grenade to save some children, The boys of C company Shine by emphasizing the incompetence of the bureaucracy and the frustration of those who have to follow orders. From the USMC Enlistment Training Center to the Vietnam battlefield, soldiers never have a reason to smile.

An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

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Richard Gere in military uniform from An Officer and a Gentleman

Tired of dealing with his drunken father, a man joins the Navy with aspirations of becoming a pilot. There he found a new father in what Ezog called “one of the most emotional training films ever made.

Although it was built around naval training, an officer and a gentleman Primarily a brutal tale of romance. The main character is forced to balance between career and love, and one area will affect the other. Those who fail in training are eventually rejected by their favorite subjects, while those who excel live happily ever after.

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