Tomb of the Mask MOD APK (Unlimited money, no ads) 1.10.12

Tomb of the Mask is an adventure game with a huge maze and many traps. The character accidentally discovers a mask in a grave. He tried it on and then discovered that he had a new ability to move. Not only walking on the ground, but climbing the wall has now become a piece of cake for him. Players will help the character move through the maze to collect coins without falling into a trap. Tomb of the Mask is not a game with modern visual design style. You will go to the simplest places, with a black background and some typical colors of the map.

While the game is simple, Tomb of the Mask is nothing short of boring. Instead, you can see that it has been very successful, with millions of people appreciating it. That’s not a number that can be achieved in every game. Tomb of the Mask offers an adventure game mode. With the power of action, the ground or the wall is what you will come across. Traps are not fixed, they move and deal damage or kill you. Thinking and ingenuity are the two essentials that will help you get through all the game modes here.

Download Tomb of the Mask mod – Overcome the traps in the maze

Money, stars are items that players can collect in this adventure game mode. Bats, traps exist along the way, at higher levels, they are more. You need to act quickly, but always be careful, a slight difference can cost you your life. Then of course because of the trap system, the player cannot continue to the accident site. Tomb of the Mask allows you to try out the role of a true adventurer. Getting everything will give you points and money to qualify for the current tier.

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Tomb of the Mask mod download

2 game modes

Tomb of the Mask allows you to choose an interesting mode or level. Each style has its own characteristics and if you like short games, the game’s level system is suitable for challenges. Entertainment mode allows you to enter the maze with no time limit, except for traps, animals, players must face down in the water. Your character has a lot of life-threatening elements and the longer you play, the better you will be. Tomb of the Mask is your place of challenge and adventure. Who knows, after a series of difficult levels here, you will have the enthusiasm of a true adventurer.

complete the request

Each level has an end point and you need to go there and make sure you stay alive. Tomb of the Mask has many other mandatory conditions that the player must meet, such as the number of stars collected. If you pass the trap and get to the end, but don’t meet the other requirements, you still need to return to the quest. Tomb of the Masks is not only a life-or-death challenge, it requires smart minds.


Masks and Power-ups are two options in the game. Each item has its own support effect, making it easier for players to manipulate when playing. Rabbit, Shapito, Knight, Froggy, Skull… choose the mask and cute shape you want. You should also pay attention to the supporting role of each item to help you make the most effective choice. In addition, you should not ignore Powerups, it is a symbol of power that you take the opportunity to develop skills to discover more.

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The grave of mask mod apk

Tomb of the Mask is declared by the developers to be an action genre, but you do not need to fight or attack. Players will move through a map system known as a supernatural maze. Where you go can be potentially dangerous and life-threatening. Download Tomb of the Mask mod as an adventurer in adventure game mode with many pitfalls everywhere.

Download Tomb of the Mask MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

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