This optical illusion looks like it changes colour – were you fooled?

THERE ARE many different types of optical illusions.

From cat images that can reveal your hidden desires to confusing mind tricks.


The blue circle appears to change colorCredit: lensstore

This optical illusion is sure to confuse viewers.

Created by Lenstore, the illusion appears to be changing color, but your eyes may be playing tricks on you.

As the blue circle moves from left to right, it appears to change color, but it doesn’t change at all.

The background in different colors makes this clever illusion so cool.

While it may be one of the simplest, that doesn’t mean it’s any less confusing.

Lenstore explained that the illusion works thanks to the cells we have in the retina at the back of the eye.

They said: “The bulbs are the judge of color, and the sticks are the judge of the brightness of the image we see.

“These two cells send information to our brain via the optic nerve, and the brain tries to interpret what we see from this signal.

“When we judge color, the brain perceives it differently compared to what’s around that object, which suggests why we think the blue circle changes color in this illusion.”

Even though the circle appears to change color, it actually stays the same.

So, have you been deceived by this illusion?

were you wrong


were you wrong Credit: lensstore

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