This math puzzle is so hard that only 1% of people can solve it. Can you be one of them?

Brain teasers are a fun and challenging way to improve our thinking skills. They come in many different forms, such as solving an equation, finding a hidden object, or discovering a solution.

One popular brain teaser is making the rounds on the internet, where you have to determine the value of the corn shown in the picture.

Finding the value of objects in pictures is a great way to improve your observation and calculation skills. It also requires you to use your knowledge of the world to find a solution. This can help you think more critically and creatively.

Brain teasers are a great way to improve your mood because achieving something increases dopamine levels and gives us the motivation to do even more.

So, are you ready to take this challenge and spot the values ​​in this puzzle?

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Puzzle: Find the value of corn in 39 seconds

Source: Fact Republic

The image above shows corn on the cob, popcorn and a clock along with some solutions to their values.

The puzzle that involves figuring out the value of these items is a test of logic and creative thinking. By carefully examining the equations and using basic arithmetic operations, you can solve it.

This puzzle requires you to use logic and creative thinking to solve it. The equations in the puzzle give clues about the values ​​of the corn items, but you have to use your brain to figure out how to interpret them.

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How many values ​​have you learned so far?

Brain teasers can be a fantastic way to break free from your monotonous routine and indulge in activities that sharpen your brain while keeping you entertained.

These puzzles are known to test your general intelligence and your powers of observation together.

Time is running out. Harry up!

When you are under time pressure, you have to focus your attention and think faster. This can help you become better at recognizing patterns and making logical connections.

Time is up!

So how much value did you manage to find in this puzzle?

Congratulations if you found all the values. Your logical skills paid off big time.

If you haven’t found any value, don’t give up, you can definitely do it. Just scroll back to the top and try to finish this puzzle.

Here is the solution to the puzzle.

Find the value of corn in 39 seconds: solution


Source: Fact Republic

The picture shows 3 ears of corn that together are valued at 75

So let’s say the value of an ear of corn is X



X = 75/3

X = 25

So the value of an ear of corn is 25

Similarly, we can find the values ​​of the other equations:

Let’s say the value of popcorn is Y

The image shows: Y+Y+X= 65

2Y+X= 65


2Y= 65-25

2Y= 40

Y = 40/2

Y = 20

Popcorn is worth 20.

Let’s say the clock value is Z

which means: X+ Y+Z=47

25+20+Z= 47

Z = 47-45

Z = 2

The clock value is 2

Coming to the last equation, the solution for it is:

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3X+2YxZ= 75+40×5 (the clock shows 5o’)

75+200= 275

We hope you enjoyed this amazing brain teaser. Test your skills with other puzzles and you will surely become a real puzzle master.

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