This Elden Ring Video With Pokémon Is What Gen 9 Should’ve Been Like

recent Elden Ring what the mod video shows Pokemon scarlet and violetThis is what an open world should be like.This mod replaces Elden Ring enemies with Pokémon, allowing players to summon them and battle them in the world. The mount system was replaced by Koraidon, and Pokémon Centers are scattered throughout the map, especially behind walking mausoleums. The video also incorporates darker tones, showing a trainer being attacked by Skalada the Cat.Pokemon scarlet and violetThe open world adds many new features to the series. Eliminating tall grass so Pokémon can roam freely is an important first step, followed by different storylines that players can complete in any order.9th generation Also borrowed features sword and shield, like scarlet and purpleTera Raid combat and wider co-op features, which have been expanded to fit this new game. These new systems bring more freedom to players and enhance the gaming experience.

Pokémon Crimson & Violet’s Open World Needs More

Although many Pokemon scarlet and violetThe new features are a step in the right direction, but they don’t quite accomplish enough compared to what they should have been.In comparison Elden Ring mod, share on Twitter Arestam, some further additions could have been made to the game to enhance the open world feel and gameplay. One glaring example is the 9th generation graphics, which in some ways feel like a step down from the 8th generation.How the world evolves and Pokémon interact with it is another notable example that can be taken scarlet and purpleThe open world has been taken to the next level.

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How Pokémon Crimson and Violet’s open world could get better

Four Pokémon Scarlet and Violet co-op players sit atop rideable Legendary figures.

Pokemon scarlet and violetForgettable graphics are the most glaring problem with the open world. The Nintendo Switch limits the game’s graphical capabilities, but other games have been able to boast beautiful worlds on the platform. Pokemon This is a fantasy world, so it’s understandable that it doesn’t seem realistic, although Ring of Elden Not at the cutting edge of graphics either, its art direction is appalling.Pokémon, NPCs, and the town itself all look great, stay scarlet and purpleenvironments become more common.certain areas Ring of Elden Also feels rushed, but with more development time scarlet and purple Conceivably, this could lead to a more engaging gaming world.

scarlet and purpleThe open world can also feel very lifeless at times. The best solution would be to add more dynamic events to Pokémon, either on a regular basis or as a one-time occurrence. Pokemon scarlet and violetTitans are a great example of this, as they can not only open cave walls, but also change the landscape of the map. Free-roaming Pokémon can further this by doing more than just running around, like interacting with their surroundings, even if it doesn’t permanently change it. Ring of Elden’s world, while also quite static, feels noticeably more active.

scarlet and purpleThe open world systems and features are a great start for the future of the series. Gen 9 was still a financial success, despite the disappointing low likelihood of major overhauls to the game.However, fan-created mods such as Elden Ringwill continue to show what Pokemon scarlet and violetThis is what an open world should be like.

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