Thicker beer belly turns out to be a 77-pound Tumor

Hector Hernandez from the US state of California called himself “big guy”. The 47-year-old has never been skinny. Especially

Hector Hernandez from the US state of California called himself “big guy”. The 47-year-old has never been skinny. Especially on his stomach, an unusual amount of fat seemed to be building up. Short-sleeved T-shirts stretched over a round ball. The fat oozed over the belt and released Hernandez into the Silhouette as “D”.

While talking to his doctor about his round belly, he waved at this. Due to predisposition, people would deposit fat in different parts of the body. Hernandez grew bigger, breaking the 300-pound mark (about 136 kilograms). “I thought I was just fat,” the 47-year-old told the Washington Post. At parties, his friends started laughing at the huge “beer guts”. In the process, Hernandez says in retrospect, he was never drinking much beer.

Heart palpitations and constipation – it turns out that the beer belly is a tumor

The 47-year-old has further inconsistencies: For example, his stomach is unusually “hard” and “heavy.” He also suffers from regular constipation, always has problems with his back breathing and Piabet heart. Hernandez decides to seek a second opinion, and he was right in his concern: the supposed beer belly turned out to be a huge 35-kilogram tumor.

Hector Hernandez suffers from liposarcoma, a very rare, malignant tumor that forms in fat cells. Tumors of this type can appear anywhere in the body, usually on the limbs or in the abdominal cavity. There are different types of liposarcoma: some grow very slowly and stay in one area. Others grow very quickly and tend to metastasize.

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Californians were operated on this summer at the “Keck School of Medicine” (University of Southern California), William Tseng, oncology surgeon. The doctor was amazed by the size of the tumor. He usually removed Liposarcomas weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

In an operation lasting several hours, he removed the mutated tissue and the damaged kidney. Hernandenz was lucky: The tumor spared other organs and large blood vessels. The 47-year-old is currently recovering and does not need chemotherapy or radiation. Regular follow-up examinations to ensure that the tumor returns, unnoticed.

Although he needs to recover from the operation, he already feels “like a different person”, says the 47-year-old. He had more energy and was a few pounds lighter. Hector Hernandez, the “big guy”, now as a very lucky person.

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