These 15th-century dog names are wild! We’re not kidding

A post about popular dog names in the 15th century was shared on Instagram. We Rate Dogs, an Instagram page dedicated to dogs, shared the names along with some illustrations of dogs from the past.

The image shows a 15th century illustration of a dog along with its name. (Instagram/@ahistoryofdogs)

“Norwich, the second Duke of York, wrote a list of over 1,000 names that he thought were suitable for hunting dogs. It is included in a book called ‘The Master of Game’ and is considered the oldest hunting book in the English language. The corresponding images of dogs we have used are just some visual context from the period, but have been carefully selected to match the name on the list,” the site wrote. They also credited another Instagram page, @ahistoryofdogs, for the information shared in the post.

The first image on the post has text that reads: “We found a list of dog names from the 15th century and they are wild.” The next slide shows an illustration of a dog with the name “Garlik” written underneath. The rest of the pictures show different illustrations of dogs and their unusual names.

Check out this post on 15th century dog ​​names:

The post was shared before 11 am. Since it was posted, it has garnered close to 1.4 million likes. The sharing also prompted people to post different comments. While some expressed surprise at the unusual dog names, others shared their thoughts on the illustrations.

See how Instagram users reacted to the post about dog names:

“The real question is whether the 15th century artists had seen a dog before,” joked one Instagram user. “I took a number of selfies where I came out as Crampette,” added another.

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“I love how someone looked at their dog and called him the best of them all. Quality names for what I’m sure were good dogs,” joined a third. “The sixth slide is the stuff of nightmares,” commented a fourth. “Excuse me while I hang a picture of Baby on the wall, cut out my eyes and peer through it,” wrote a fifth.

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