The mute girl surprised everyone by saying this magic sentence to her therapy donkey

This is a girl named Amber and her favorite donkey who serves as a therapy donkey. The donkey’s name is Shokovi.

Both have a very difficult life. When the girl was born, she had to undergo an operation to save her life. The surgery silenced her.

The sweet girl also has cerebral palsy, which she cured after meeting a cute therapy donkey. The donkey gave her life a new meaning.


The two had a very strong bond and understood each other perfectly. They look so cute together.

After some time, the girl underwent an operation that was supposed to restore her ability to speak.


It was as if the donkey had healed her when she began to speak and utter her first sentence to the donkey.

The girl said, “I love you, Shocks.” This impresses all who hear the saying. This is a truly shocking moment. Everyone feels proud and it gives hope and relief that eventually they will start talking.

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