The Flash Just Created A Major Superpower Origin Plot Hole The Worst Way

warning! spoiler speed Season 8, Episode 8, “The Next Flame”.

Writer speed It seems to have forgotten the source of lawyer Cecil Holden’s empathy, opening a major plot hole by giving Cecil a code that forbids her use of powers at work. This error ignores many instances in previous episodes of Holden using his powers on others without considering any moral implications. Also ignore the reasons why she resigned to become a public defender.

While Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet) debuted in speed Season 1, Episode 19, “Who is Harrison Wells?” As the district attorney of the central city, she until speed Season 4. Cecile started dating Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), and at speed As a side effect of her pregnancy. Although she has never accepted the hero status disguised as many of the other members of Team Flash with superhuman abilities, Cecil has repeatedly used her powers to help save Central City and at the same time spiritual support and legal advice for other heroes.

speed Season 8’s “The Fire Next Time” found Cecile Horton back as legal counsel when Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) approached her about the case of Jaco “The Hotness” Birch (Max Adler). Barry believes the fire-control superman is innocent of his murder charges and seeks Holden’s help. While she agrees to represent Birch in court, Cecil refuses to use her empathy to test him for guilt, which she says is “I can’t cross the moral line. ‘” Aside from a plot device seemingly designed to prevent the episode’s main mystery from being easily unraveled, this completely ignores Holden’s history and why she switched professions.

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Known as a ruthless prosecutor, Cecil Holden’s superpowers give her a new perspective on the superheroes she’s spent her life imprisoned. Holden finds the job increasingly difficult. after returning to work after pregnancy speed Season 5, because her powers (which she couldn’t fully control at the time) made her feel the sincere remorse of criminals who had hopes of redemption and fear for innocent people. She resigned at speed Season 6, episode 2, “Lightning”, prevented the accused superhuman killer Allegra Garcia from confessing and trying to prove her innocence. Horton went on to found her own law firm, specializing in all-human law and defending alleged criminals, especially since she could no longer work to imprison those she He knows he’s innocent.

Given the large population of superheroes, it’s possible that Canterlot enacted a law that forbids superhumans from using their powers in certain jobs. It’s also possible that Cecil decided not to use her powers to read her clients after she took full control of her powers. Unfortunately, none of these ideas are in the speed Episode 8 “The Fire Next Time”, in which Cecile suddenly refuses to use her empathy to determine if Jaco Birch is guilty or innocent, doesn’t seem like a character choice and more like a way for the audience to guess. deceive. It also seems like sloppy writing, as Cecil has long used his powers only to help innocent people.

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