The Dropout True Story (& Everything The Show Changed)

Trigger Warning: This article briefly discusses suicide.

gourd fall out The limited series tells the story of how convicted fraudster Elizabeth Holmes tricked many into believing that her company Theranos products worked, but the limited series changed a few key elements. main element of the true story. An eight-part miniseries based on the podcast of the same name, produced by ABC News and hosted by reporter Rebecca Jarvis. fall out has been adapted for tv new girl Creators Elizabeth Meriwether, Amanda Seyfried, and Naveen Andrews play Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and COO Ramesh “Sunshine” Balwani, respectively.

The biopic begins to tell the story chronologically, portraying Elizabeth Holmes as a strong-willed teenager without many friends as she focuses on becoming a billionaire and changing the world. Twin Peaks: Return The Seyfried star shines as Sherlock Holmes, even embodying the famous artificial bass voice of the former CEO of Theranos. Good job fall outThe real Seyfried’s Holmes and Elizabeth Holmes heard on the ABC News podcast can be confused with each other. To convey the podcast’s analysis of Theranos’ many red flags as they become apparent to many in the company, fall out Use time jump. This way, viewers get the perspective of a Theranos employee while also getting to know behind-the-scenes plot points, such as Sunny and Elizabeth’s romantic relationship, from the start.

Using the time jump between 2017, when Holmes’ testimony during the government investigation into Theranos’ fraud scheme took place and years before that, shows how Theranos came to be, allows fall out Mirror the original podcast playback. When the ABC News podcast does not mention the name and the event, the miniseries will refer to, for example, the Theranos vs Pfizer validation study, which the podcast simply refers to as “”major pharmaceutical companies,“The Book of John Carreiro Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies of Silicon Valley Startups A survey by Theranos helps fill in the blanks, showing that the miniseries aren’t all that different from the real thing. That is all fall out Changing the true story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes.

Theranos poaching more Apple employees

EQUAL fall out Showing that Theranos is growing rapidly, it is seen that Seyfried’s Holmes is actively looking for a job for her. Both are employed by Apple. fall out Episode 3 sees Holmes poaching product designer Ana Arriola (one day at a timeNicky Endres) and Jobs’ right-hand man Avie Tevanian (Amir Arison) from Apple. This volume focuses precisely on the strange things Arriola and Tevanian have seen while working with Theranos from day one, even though they have a lot of fun, especially Arriola, in “Young female CEOs instead of pretentious boys wearing sweatshirts,‘ As the former Apple product designer put it.

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But in reality, Holmes didn’t just poach these two high-profile figures. Holmes wanted Theranos to have an Apple-like design-first aesthetic, so she recruited directly from Apple’s ranks. Along with Arriola, who joined Theranos as chief design architect, and Tevanian, who became a member of the Holmes Corporation board of directors, Justin Maxwell, Adam Vollmer and Mike Bauerly soon joined. their former colleagues at Apple. Vollmer was a development engineer at Theranos while Maxwell and Bauerly worked on the design.

Avie resigns and Ian Gibbons commits suicide

Avie resigns and Ian Gibbons commits suicide

gourd fall out Episode 3 shows Tevanian being quickly kicked off the chessboard shortly after being introduced. However, while the miniseries only shows venture capitalist Don Lucas (Michael Ironside) asking Ive to submit his resignation, the reality is much more murky. According to Tevanian in fall out podcast, when he agreed to Lucas’ request to resign, the venture capitalist asked him to sign a document giving up his rights, but he refused. Tevanian then received an email from Theranos’ general counsel at 11 p.m. Christmas Eve saying that he had to sign a waiver of his rights or they would sue him because they believed he was cheating. corporate reputation by talking about Theranos. fall out It’s obvious how abrupt Avi’s resignation is when in reality it’s much more complicated.

How fall out Description Ian Gibbons (hobbitsStephen Fry took his own life, and the way Theranos handles it with his widow Rochelle (Kate Burton) also seems to outweigh what actually happened. During the show, one of Ian’s colleagues, engineer Brendan Morris (Bashir Salahuddin), sent at least one e-mail to all of his Theranos colleagues in memory of Ian and his time at Ian. . En was achieved after dying in the hospital after trying to end his life. In fact, Theranos didn’t even send flowers to announce the death of a scientist the company had employed for 10 years, as Rochelle Gibbons shared on the ABC News podcast. They only communicated through two letters, one demanding the return of all of Theranos’ intellectual property, and the other from the company’s attorneys warning Rochelle would face lawsuits if she announced the release. told anyone about what happened to Ian.

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Walgreens and safewait for sale

Walgreens and Safeway Dropout Agreement

fall out Episode 4 sees the Walgreens asking Kevin Hunter to examine Theranos’ lab; Walgreens hires a laboratory consultant to verify that Theranos products work. The limited series pits retail chains Walgreens and Safeway against each other, fall out Holmes even convinced Walgreens that Theranos had chosen to work with Safeway to expedite the Walgreens deal. During the show, Walgreens won an exclusive contract with Theranos. According to John Carreyrou bad bloodHowever, Safeway not only reached an agreement with Theranos but also before the deal with Walgreens was finalized. Despite having deals with both Safeway and Walgreens, Holmes considers them a monopoly because the first supermarket chain is the only supermarket chain with Edisons in store, while the second is the only pharmacy chain to do so. This. The two companies were not happy with the deal, but they agreed because otherwise, they believed they would “Missed out on a great new business opportunity

Was Elizabeth Holmes infatuated with Steve Jobs?

Was Elizabeth Holmes infatuated with Steve Jobs?

fall out Many times, Holmes expressed admiration for Steve Jobs, the CEO of Theranos only used Apple products and even cheered wildly when lining up with fans at the first iPhone launch. fall out The podcast explains that there’s more to it, as Arriola suggests to her Holmes’ signature style, a black turtleneck underneath a jacket, and she tells her about the obsession of Jobs with the Issey Miyake turtleneck that Holmes wore over it. Elizabeth Holmes’ obsession with Apple also influenced her work at Theranos, when she decided to hire one of the most unique advertising agencies, Chiat/Day, which produced the “1984” campaigns. and “Think Different” by Apple. Holmes admired Steve Jobs so much that she even kept a cut-out paper on her desk, quoting her former Stanford professor, Channing Robertson, likening her to “Another Bill Gates or Steve Jobsas engineer Ed Ku mentioned in John Carreyrou’s book.

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Holmes avoids calls and cannot be contacted for longer

Holmes avoids calls for longer

seyfried’s elizabeth holmes appears in fall out Episode 4 repeatedly tries to avoid calls from Sunny and her brother Christian, often by telling them she’s going to a meeting when she’s actually on the company plane. fall out In fact, Holmes dodged calls for days on end, the podcast revealed. Chiat/Day’s Stan Fiorito reveals to podcast host Rebecca Jarvis that Sherlock Holmes “will be dark for a month‘ Theranos wouldn’t even explain her behavior when she couldn’t be reached.

elizabeth holmes lies worse

Elizabeth Holmes Lies Are Worse Than The Dropout

fall out Shows the many lies Holmes and Balwani told employees, potential collaborators, and financiers. However, the lies Holmes told were in fact much worse. Chiat/Day’s Stan Fiorito suggested that Theranos was working with the Pentagon because Holmes told him her technology was being used in Afghanistan, while Theranos board member and former Secretary of State George Schultz claims that Holmes’ technology has been used in hospital operating rooms and medical evacuations. helicopter, because he believes what Elizabeth says. Vote of fall out Inspiration, podcast of the same name produced by ABC News, Holmes refuted her claims by playing an audio recording of Elizabeth’s official statement in episode 5, where she finally spoke the truth and said that Theranos ‘Edison has never been deployed in an emergency room, hospital, battlefield or medical evacuation helicopter. In the end, though fall out Basically staying true to the facts, it made a lot of changes to soften Elizabeth Holmes and her manners in real life.

New episodes of a limited series fall out Released every Thursday on Hulu.

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