The best iPhone 8 battery cases

Denys Prykhodov/Shutterstock Remember when cell phone batteries lasted a week and recharging wasn’t a nightly task? Our devices are now capable of much more than just phone calls — you have the entire Internet, countless sensors, and tons of other capabilities in your pocket. So is it any wonder that the average battery life is now a day, maybe a day and a half at most?

What do you do when you need to use your iPhone 8 but are concerned about battery life (you can read more about what we think in our iPhone 8 review)? Well, a power bank is a good idea. But they are often bulky, awkward and difficult to use on the go. Battery cases may be a better solution to your problem — they’re already connected to your phone, requiring no extra cables or extra space. They simply attach to your phone and are there when you need extra juice. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 8 battery cases we’ve found on the market today.

Since the iPhone 8 is almost the same size as the iPhone 7, most of the battery cases we recommended in our iPhone 7 battery case review will work just as well.

Maxboost Atomic Power Case ($28)

maxboost best iphone 8 battery casesImage used with permission of the copyright holder

  • Capacity: 3,200 mAh
  • Output: N/A
  • Size — 6 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight — 141.8 grams (5 oz)

With a battery that adds over 18 hours of extra talk time and a protective two-piece rubberized case, the Maxboost Atomic Power Case is an easy way to get the extra battery power you need. The 3200 mAh battery is a respectable size, it is mid-range in terms of capacity. Regardless, thanks to the iPhone’s relatively small battery size and battery efficiency, this case adds over 100 percent more to the existing battery capacity. The two-piece construction is easy to attach and remove, with the top of the case detaching to allow the phone to slide into the bottom, and also featuring a series of LEDs to show you the case’s battery level. But be warned — while Atomic Power has sync technology, which lets you connect your iPhone to your computer via the case, it uses a MicroUSB connection for charging and doesn’t support Lightning Apple Earpods. So if you can’t live without your music, it might be time to invest in a good set of Bluetooth headphones.

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Boicar Extended Battery Case ($29)

boicar best iphone 8 battery casesImage used with permission of the copyright holder

  • Capacity: 2,800 mAh
  • Output: 1.0A
  • Size — 5.61 x 2.83 x 0.46 inches
  • Weight — 68 grams (2.3 oz)

Slightly more expensive than the Maxboost case above, Boicar’s extended battery case is also slightly smaller in battery capacity, weighing in at 2,800mAh — but don’t let that put you off, as that still equates to 11 hours of extra talk time . It’s also half the weight of the rather hefty Atomic Power, at a light 68g. It also has a much smaller footprint, only adding 0.18 inches to the overall thickness of the iPhone 8, and even manages to avoid the unsightly chin that many battery cases add to the bottom of the iPhone. It’s something of a standout compared to other battery cases, with sleek blue styling that’s also available in understated black or sleek rose gold. Like the Atomic Power, the Boicar lets you sync your iPhone 8 to your computer via the connection on the bottom, but it doesn’t let you connect Lightning headphones — though charging requires a Lightning connection, handy since you probably already have a Lightning charger. It also has LED lights to show the charge level and is a good buy for the money if you’re looking for a battery case with a touch of style.

Temdan Waterproof Metal Battery Case ($90)

temdan best battery cases for iphone 8Image used with permission of the copyright holder

  • Capacity: 3,000mAh
  • Output: 1.0A
  • Size — 5.3 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight — 119 grams (4.2 oz)

Temdan’s case is more than a tad more expensive than the other offerings on this list — in fact, it’s by far the most expensive. But it’s worth the price. Although the battery capacity is only 3000 mAh (about 16 hours of talk time) and is quite average, what makes this case stand out are the additional qualities it provides. With an IP68 rating, Temdan’s fully enclosed case has a higher rating than the iPhone 8 itself, providing additional protection to an already well-protected phone. It’s also pretty rugged, and the metal frame should protect your iPhone 8 from some pretty serious bumps and knocks. As a key point, it also comes with a built-in 3.5mm jack adapter, allowing you to use your old headphones instead of Lightning headphones — which is good, since Lightning headphones won’t work with this case. A built-in screen protector also enables the use of Touch ID, and the case contains all the ports and openings you’d expect for full use of your device, as well as rubber plugs for protection. However, this case uses Micro USB for charging, so beware if you’re running out of that precious cable. Other than that, Temdan has done a good job of making a battery case that should appeal to anyone who needs an iPhone 8 to survive hiking, kayaking, or any other extreme fun.

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Baseus Plaid Extended Charger ($33)

baseus best battery cases for iphone 8Image used with permission of the copyright holder

  • Capacity: 5,000mAh
  • Output: 1.5A
  • Size — 5.59 × 2.76 × 0.64 inches
  • Weight — 116 grams (4.1 oz)

Another stylish option and the second largest battery pack on the list, Baseus’ Plaid case comes with a massive 5,000mAh battery that adds 20 hours of extra talk time to the life of the iPhone 8. This case also forgoes the ugly stepbrother of most battery cases, instead opting for a significant extension rear side. Whether or not this will be to your taste is completely subjective, and anyone looking for a slimmer addition to their phone should probably avoid this case. Nonetheless, the Plaid is a good-looking case, with an attractive checkered design on the back and a series of LED lights to indicate charge level. Fortunately for Apple fans, Plaid supports charging with a Lightning cable and syncing with computers via the case. However, like most, you won’t be using your Lightning headphones through this — it’s mostly Bluetooth only. Finally, the Plaid comes with a metal back that allows it to connect to most magnetic mounts, but will likely interfere with wireless charging — so consider that a warning if you want to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8. Otherwise, this is a solid battery case — but the standout feature has to be that large battery size.

Peyou 5800mAh Portable Charging Case ($23)

your best iphone 8 battery casesImage used with permission of the copyright holder

  • Capacity: 5,800 mAh
  • Output: 2.1A
  • Size — 6.4 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight — 204 grams (7.2 oz)
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Peyou’s battery case has the largest capacity on this list, with 5,800mAh of extra power — but you have to pay for it. Weighing in at a whopping 204 grams, it’s by far the heaviest case on this list, but if you’re a fan of the utility of this case, you probably won’t mind the extra weight too much. The 2.1 amp charging power means your iPhone 8 will charge in no time, and the additional USB slot on the side of the case also has a 2.1 amp output, giving you the option to charge your companion phone or tablet at the same time. It also charges using a Lightning cable, so there’s no need for an extra Micro USB cable when it’s time to charge this bad boy — although you won’t be using your Lightning headphones with this case. Looks are likely to be a deal-breaker, though—the case isn’t pretty by any means, and whether you bite on this purchase will likely come down to whether you can stand looking at it. Still, that’s a good price for a ton of capacity. And if you’re not alone on your travels, an extra USB slot could save someone else’s phone, too.

Looking for the best protection for your iPhone 8 when you don’t need the extra juice? Check out our list of the best iPhone 8 cases and the best iPhone 8 screen protectors. And supercharge your iPhone 8 with some of the best iPhone apps available right now.

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