The best American memes that will tickle your funny bone!

America is the land of power, important events, great moves and, of course, adorably crazy lives. Today, we’ve hand-picked the little everyday bumps in the lives of Americans. Enjoy these bone-chilling stories and memes from America.

The United States of America is known for its powers and people. The powers are enormous, but the people are wonderfully unique. Don’t believe us?

Here are some crazy everyday memes that come from American life, handpicked just for you.

For starters, let Dave Coverly entertain you with his witty sarcasm!

Are the reports really POSITIVE?

Image source: Pinterest

This frog comes to the doctor only to have the doctor question his own academic degree! The X-ray findings of the patients do not resemble those that have been stored in the doctor’s cabinet all these years. Is that really the bony structure of a frog or is someone holding a frog in shape with their hand? It reminds us of dolls, but the frog apparently came to the clinic to have x-rays taken. “How is a frog even alive?”

Oh, the doctor asked the same question!

3 geniuses


Image source: Facebook

Have you ever got your car keys stuck in your car? It’s definitely a panic situation to deal with. Sometimes he can become so panicked that even the most obvious solutions can seem far from consciousness. Yes, we’re trying to act modest as we refrain from grinning to compliment the questionable efforts of these three people trying to open the car for the keys, while completely ignoring the plastic taped to the rear window.

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Our respect for professionals!


Image source: Pinterest

Parliaments are one of the most important days in a person’s life. After years of painstaking and hard work, what a relief to get a degree and enjoy the toss of the hat. But hey, since when did the tradition change from hat tossing to diploma tossing? This student must have a real

worked hard to get a degree (and then brought it in the bush).

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Beware, this ad is a complete anxiety trigger!


Image source: Designer Daily

The fun side of marketing and advertising is too much headed to the creative side when CANAL+ wanted to tell viewers that with this unique commercial they can have all their favorite movies on their phones. While it’s funny and can be somewhat satisfying to see a fingertip tilting an entire ship, this hilarious yet terrifying ad is seriously not for the faint of heart. Is it Titanic with a strange ending? We do not know!

Where are the boat manufacturers? Oh, they’re crying in the corner!

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America is popular for great activism, but do their cows raise their “moo” because of misogyny?


Image source: Twitter

First, we’re bowing to a yogurt company here.

Appreciating labor is one thing in corporate culture, but recognizing the effort of cows and giving them credit for their work on the product is another level of divine humanity. Maybe they wondered if their cows would feel unappreciated if their names weren’t there on the tags. Do the cows even bother? We doubt it!

Okay, but has the world ever appreciated questionably insane, yet humanitarian acts in the first move? This lady on the internet thinks it’s wrong to call dairy cows, which are biologically female animals, by typical female names!

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Well, we are planning to buy a new cow to get fresh milk straight to our office canteen. Can you suggest some good names? How about “John”?

This board is grammatically correct, but we cannot guarantee any other kind of accuracy!


Image source: DailyBee

Somewhere on a lawn stands this sign, tall and proud, to remind people that their country is the best in the nation. While every American’s heart fills with pride, it fills the head with confusion. But hey, the sign still stands tall, because logic shouldn’t trump patriotism!

May we all get the same level of confidence in our lives that record makers have!

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All is well, but where are the bears?


Image source: Consumerist

This feedback form is what the Yellowstone folks have safely preserved in the frame. The National Park wanted to get honest feedback from visitors, but they had no idea the brutal honesty of one of their interesting and perhaps disappointed visitors.

The bear is always in demand among visitors who leave their busy lives and visit the national park, but do the stars know about its star? We doubt it.

The wild creatures might have been busy with what was important to them, while the visitor might have longed to catch a glimpse of it. The poor owners of the national park got the most disappointing feedback because they simply did not order the bears to be stationed in a certain place in the national park.

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And oh, do people expect animals to be present in a certain place for their entertainment? That’s enough disturbing sarcasm for today!

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Let’s find Alaska on the map!


Image source: DeMilked

God forbid everyone form meaningful relationships with people of questionable IQ. Is America’s education system to blame if adults don’t check their facts? Well, geography lectures really need to be taken seriously by everyone.

Here’s the best!

What would you like to have sir? Some SINGING juice with DANCING sandwiches?


Image source: DailyBee

If sandwiches can do it, hands down, anyone can dance! If only billboard creators could watch their mistakes, many people would stop scratching their heads on the roads. Yes, we’re all always looking for the perfect night out, maybe where you can find a good bar and great cocktails, but do we want dancing sandwiches? Well, that’s too much to expect from food as humans!

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