The 10 most likable Futurama characters

Futurama is one of the most persistent shows in the history of television. Despite being cancelled numerous time, it always seems to come back — most notably next year, when Futurama is revived, this time on Hulu. But why Futurama do they always come back? Because fans can’t get enough of the compelling, funny and often complicated characters.

From episodes that simply make you cry, like “Jurassic Bark,” to episodes so complex they should have created their own mathematical formula, like “The Prisoner of Benda.” Futurama is more than a cartoon. It’s deep and smart. Of course, this sets the perfect foundation for believable and funny characters to experience the rich world Futurama created. But who are the most likable characters in your favorite series?

10. Calculus

Animation of the 20th century

Voiced by veteran actor Maurice LaMarche (his voice probably sounds familiar because he’s also the voice of Brain in Pinky and the Brain), Calculon is one of Futuramathe most one-dimensional characters. He is the star of the robot soap opera and the lead actor in the popular daytime series, All my circles. He is melodramatic, exaggerating and completely self-absorbed.

On the surface, he you should to be a hated character, but like Troy McClure The Simpsons and Lucile Bluth inside Arrested developmentwhen a self-centered character is done well, they can completely steal the show and take control of any scene they’re in. Plus, with lines like, “I’d like to thank the Academy, my agent and most everything, my operating system, Windows Vista …,” how can you not laugh every time he’s on camera?

9. Hermes Konrad

Hermes is reviewing his documents in FuturamaAnimation of the 20th century

Unfortunately, for the most part FuturamaHermes was a character that was never fully utilized. He had his pot jokes and his trademark “cute something from somewhere”, but on the whole, he was a glorified supporting character. Fortunately, that all changed in Season 6’s “Deadly Inspection,” where it was revealed that Bender was actually a malfunctioning robot that needed to be scrapped…but Hermes, who was working as a factory inspector at the time, couldn’t bring himself to to kill baby Bender, releasing him into the world, despite his defect. It was touching and brought her to tears, which is proof Futurama he had tons more great stories to tell.

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The episode was a critical hit and became one of the most heartwarming of the entire series, and Hermes went from an irredeemable supporting character to one of the most likable members of the Planet Express crew. Let’s hope the reboot continues to use it to its full potential.

8. MacKenzie speaks

Slurms MacKenzie swings in front of tie backgroundAnimation of the 20th century

He may have only been in one episode, but Slurms MacKenzie certainly left a lasting impression on fans. In the first season of “Fry and the Slurm Factory”, the show was fake Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. In the episode, Fry and the crew win a trip to the Slurm factory, where an addictive juice is made from the rectal discharge of a giant alien queen.

At the beginning of the episode, Slurms is the spokesperson for a slug-type surfer party company, but after a wicked secret is revealed, he helps the Planet Express crew escape by partying so hard the walls literally collapse, capturing the alien queen and killing himself. Thanks to his party attitude and heroism, Slurms MacKenzie is still one of the most recognizable Futurama characters more than 20 years after his episode premiered. Party on, Slurms, Party on…

7. Mom

Mom hatches an evil plan in FuturamaAnimation of the 20th century

Ruthless, successful, cunning and brilliant, Mom is a force to be reckoned with. She is the owner of Mom’s Friendly Robot Company – the maker of almost every robot on the planet – and presents herself to the world as a tame, older woman almost like Betty Crocker. But in reality, she is a domineering corporate tycoon who wants nothing but power and control over everything she sees.

Her duplicity and caustic remarks are fantastic. Plus, with brilliantly hilarious lines like, “One Mother’s Day 70 years ago, the only man I ever loved left me. Some drool-eating bastards say it made me a bitter woman…” you can’t help but love her. The mother’s ruthlessness is strangely endearing, perhaps because the character is so perfectly crafted, thanks in large part to the voice acting of Tress MacNeille, who also voices a number of characters on The Simpsonsincluding Mrs. Skinner.

6. Shabby

Scruffy reads mean magazines in FuturamaAnimation of the 20th century

The often overlooked member of the Planet Express crew is also a fan favorite. Scruffy isn’t even included in Season 1, instead making his first proper appearance in Season 2 Interesting anthology I. The show even makes fun of his surprise appearance with Leela saying, “I’ve never seen you before…” after Scruffy walks in, introducing himself as the Planet Express janitor.

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Since then, Scruffy has made random appearances throughout the series, often looking at naughty magazines and always claiming to be on hiatus. Even though he’s only on screen for a few seconds per episode, Scruffy always gets the best lines that really show his personality, like in the episode where Hermes asks what exactly Scruffy does at Planet Express. Scruffy casually replies, “My job? Toilets and boy-yeh-lers, boy-yeh-lers and toilets … plus that one boy-yeh-lin toilet.” It’s no surprise why he went from being a non-existent character to being a regular part of the cast… you just can’t get enough of him.

5. Hypnofrog

A hypnofrog sits on a lily pad in FuturamaAnimation of the 20th century

What is it not to like about Hypnotoad? He’s everyone’s favorite mind-controlling galactic ruler – he’s even the star of his own sitcom, Everyone loves a hypnofrog. He achieved the fame and success that only a hypnotic frog can. But the fame and popularity of Hypnotoad goes back much further Futurama.

Today he has become an iconic GIF and a major meme, he is even the unofficial mascot of Texas Christian University (TCU) and can regularly be found on posters and even on the big screen at their football games. In fact, in DVD extras for Bender’s big scorethe full 22-minute episode Everyone loves a hypnofrog was released because fans demanded more from him.

4. Leela

Leela holding her official Futurama captain photoAnimation of the 20th century

Leela is a mutant who was put up for adoption by her parents as a baby to trick the world into thinking she was an alien. Why? Because in Futurama, mutants are not legally allowed to live above ground. That origin story alone is heartbreaking enough, but it gives Leela a depth that few cartoon characters have.

But over the course of the series, Leela experienced many more triumphs and heartbreaks, from becoming the captain of the Planet Express ship to the final episode where she and Fry were trapped in an endless time loop. She is brave, strong, smart and capable of handling anything the universe throws at her. Without Leela, it is unlikely that Planet Express would have ever succeeded. It’s impossible not to love and respect her for everything she does, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s voiced by the fantastic Katey Sagal.

3. Phillip J. Fry

Fry nervously waits for Leela at the restaurant in FuturamaAnimation of the 20th century

A lovable goofball, a clumsy fool and a depressed slacker, Fry is the most suitable character of the entire Planet Express crew. After being frozen in 1999, he woke up in the year 3000, only to find that everyone he had ever known was long dead and the planet had undergone drastic changes. Audiences are naturally drawn to Fry because he’s the only present-day character who serves as an anchor for viewers to hold on to as he explores this new reality for the first time, just like those watching the show.

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But what really makes Fry endearing are the moments where he shows he cares. From his beautiful opera to Leela to his undying love for his dog Seymour, Fry has proven on numerous occasions that he is more than just a goofball. He also has a big heart, big dreams and a real desire to be somebody. Besides, who can forget, “Shut up and take my money!”

2. Dr. Zoidberg

Zoidberg is covered in trash and sitting in a dumpsterAnimation of the 20th century

Aw, poor Zoidberg. Somehow he is the doctor of Planet Express, despite his absolute incompetence and often life-threatening medical negligence. It’s also not uncommon to find Zoidberg rummaging through dumpsters, eating trash, and wallowing in his own failure. But it is because of these failures that the audience loves him so much.

We all struggled at work, we all lost opportunities and we all felt lonely. We’ve all been Zoidberg at some point in our lives, and that’s why you can’t help but love him. There is a vulnerability to Zoidberg’s destitution. Something about him being at the bottom draws you in and makes you root for him. Sure, you laugh at his ineptitude, but you also secretly want him to succeed because he’s actually incredibly likable.

1. The bender

Bender tries to romance some fembots at a bar in FuturamaAnimation of the 20th century

Futurama it wouldn’t be Futurama without Bender. He is a smart guy who smokes, drinks, gambles and is obsessed with prostitutes. And yet, the audience loves him for it. Maybe it’s because Bender says things that everyone else is too afraid to say, or maybe it’s because his lines are so damn funny. How not to laugh “I hope he didn’t die…unless he left a note naming me as his successor, then I hope he died.” It is so shockingly selfish that it almost catches you off guard, making you just laugh and enjoy yourself.

He’s someone you probably wouldn’t want to meet in real life, but in the safety of the show, he’s just so damn funny and likeable. And if you don’t like it? Well, then he’d have no problem telling you “Bite my shiny, metal ass.”

You can watch all 10 seasons Futurama on Hulu.

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