Tekken 7: Paul Phoenix Character Guide

Arguably the most popular fighting game Tekken 7 is one of the few games that has grown in popularity over time through passionate developer and community support.A series featuring many iconic characters iron fist With a rich and deep history, a passionate fan base and a growing roster. Comparable even to the series’ protagonist, Heihachi Mishima, Paul Phoenix is ​​one of the most recognizable characters in the traditional fighting game franchise.From his patriotic character designs to his fancy hairstyles, Paul is the funniest with unique designs iron fist, A game full of ancient ogres, boxing kangaroos, and robot warriors.

In this game, there are many difficult and well-executed characters, and Paul is one of the most difficult to master. Walking shoulder to shoulder with the Mishima family during his execution, Paul needs to fully understand his strengths and weaknesses in order to excel. While Paul has some incredible weapons, he can also use them very effectively at low levels. His true power is revealed when mastering his unique fighting style. From his incredibly high-damage attacks to his high skill cap, there’s a reason Paul is a fan-favorite character in traditional fighting games.

A look at Paul Phoenix in Tekken 7

Paul represents an interesting niche Tekken 7. Paul is a high-damage stab character who excels at controlling mid-range combat. Paul has a variety of long-distance moves and excels at defense and punishment. Playing Paul Phoenix means taking on your opponents and thinking one step ahead of them.

Paul is one of the few “post-rock” characters alongside Bryan Fury. A prototype with the technology to move a character model backwards to perform a head bobbing motion. From this standpoint, Paul had several options. As mentioned earlier, Paul is great in mid-range fights, with a variety of high burst damage jabs. He’s certainly not a bad edgy style character, he’s not the perfect character for that archetype. Players who tend to avoid Paul need a style away from offense that takes advantage of players who are too aggressive.

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Death Fist in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Paul Phoenix Death Fist

Paul’s signature attack is his powerful “death fist” boxing attack. Paul’s Deathfist is one of the most damaging attacks of the Signal attacks and is a must-have skill to master the character.

This death fist is “death” on block, which means that if your enemy blocks the mid-hit move, you’ll get a high-damage combo in return. Fist of Death embodies the role of Paul, a high-risk, high-reward strongman. Given the unsafe nature of death fisting, you might be asking yourself, how do I get mileage out of this move? The answer is relatively simple, and will become a common philosophy in Paul’s game plan.

Death Fist is executed by doing a quarter circle motion and pressing 2 (triangle button on PS4 and Y button on Xbox). This move provides a deep mid lane attack that deals massive damage to enemies. But considering how insecure it is, how can we use it effectively. In short, it’s an excellent odor-punishing tool. Using some of Paul’s other powerful neutral tools, rather than staying away from opponents, will make them want to react to your style. This is where the Death Fist becomes deadly. When they strike back, you can time your Deathfist to punish their attempt.

Using movement as a powerful neutral tool serves two main purposes: the first is that it increases the effectiveness of your offense. That said, once an enemy is hit by Death Fist, they may not react to your pressure. Gives you the freedom to open them by low or throw. It also offers one of the highest damaging hitting moves in the game. So if you’re having trouble executing high-damage combos, Death Fist can serve as a temporary addition to compete with better players.

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But you have to be judicious when using this move. This is very high risk and you will be punished if blocked. But if used correctly, this move will make Paul a lethal offensive powerhouse.

Mastering the Action in Tekken 7 with Paul Phoenix

Tekken 7 Paul Phoenix Taunted

As mentioned before, Paul is one of the few “backward” characters in the game. For better or worse, this provides Paul with a rocking motion in his quarter-round back. This provides a decent penalty to Paul, allowing overzealous players to take advantage of their character’s high attack on Paul. What it doesn’t allow Paul to do is the supplemental “backlash cancel” shortcut action available to most characters.

A simple back sprint down a quarter turn, then press the back button again. This will perform “backscore cancellation” or “Korean backscore” cancellation. Unfortunately, this simpler move is not possible for Paul, and forces players to master “real” Korean backlash cancellation. This move is quite difficult even for skilled players and requires a lot of practice to master.

You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t need to learn Korean back punch to play well with Paul!” It’s true, you don’t need it to be successful with Paul. But given the aforementioned utility of Paul’s scent-punishing death punch, it’s an important tool in his arsenal. Being able to quickly get in and out of an enemy’s effective range is one of Paul’s key game plans. Therefore, mastering this technique will make your Paul’s effectiveness exponentially higher.

So take your time and master your maneuvers to get the most mileage on your flat top with earth defense karate master. And enjoy your time in arguably the best fighting game out there.

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Tekken 7 Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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