“TEARS ARE FALLING”: Fans swoon over SHINee’s Taemin and NCT’s Taeyong following their adorable interaction at KCON LA 2023

On Friday, August 18, KCON LA 2023 rolled out the first show of their three-day music festival, with SHINee’s Taemin and NCT’s Taeyong, as well as several other significant K-pop artists in their artists’ lineup. While it’s no secret that the two artists are part of the SM Entertainment unit group, SuperM, given the group’s recent inactivity, fans were looking forward to seeing the two at the event together.

Akin to fans’ predictions, the two artists interacted with each other on stage after Taemin’s performance. While Taeyong was interacting with the fans on the side of the stage, the former slowly came and joined him.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the interaction and were over the moon after seeing the two spend time together.

Fans can’t stop gushing over SHINee’s Taemin and NCT’s Taeyong’s interaction at the KCON LA 2023 music festival

Right from when the official artist lineup for KCON LA 2023 was released, fans were thrilled, as they anticipated an interaction between Taemin and Taeyong given that both their performances were on the same day.

While the SHINee member appeared as a soloist and performed songs from his individual discography, NCT’s Taeyong was present as a recently-debuted soloist and also as part of NCT U for a special stage consisting of him and WayV’s Ten.

Regardless of their differing schedules, the two had a chance to interact with each other. As the K-pop soloist went on stage to roll out his performance, Taeyong was seen standing among the audience to watch his performance.

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Soon after the performance, Taeyong joined him on stage and the two seemed to have small conversations here and there as they went around the stage greeting fans. One of the most adored moments between the two was when they started doing each others’ solo choreographies, Taeyong’s SHALALA and Taemin’s MOVE, adorably showcasing support for each other’s solo careers.

However, this was not all the interaction they had. When all the artists of the day were called on stage after Taeyong’s SHALALA stage, fans witnessed more cute interactions between the two. A fan-released video also revealed that Taemin and Taeyong greeted each other backstage and even shared a hug.

Given that fans haven’t seen much interaction between the two outside their schedule as SuperM members, they were over the moon to get some content from them together after years of waiting.

In other news, both the artists’ performances were a huge success. The crowd went crazy for all three stages, SHINee’s Taemin, NCT’s Taeyong, and NCT U’s Ten and Taeyong, as they rolled out their unsurprisingly show-stopping performances.

After the show’s end, many attendees expressed that the crowd went crazy during these performances and their stages were undoubtedly the most thrilling out of the setlist that day.

While fans couldn’t get enough of the mini SuperM reunion that took place at the KCON LA 2023, they are also eagerly awaiting updates about the future plans and schedules of SuperM, since it has been inactive for more than three years.

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