Sweet video. A 150-pound dog, known as the “gentle giant”, becomes the adoptive parent of cute kittens

The cute dog is 150 lbs. A dog is like a giant. People who see the dog are afraid of him, but this dog is quite kind. It won’t hurt anyone. He is very gentle.

The dog is afraid of its own shadow. This big dog’s name is Corbin. He is very good with kittens and even melts hearts with his tender attitude towards them.

The dog’s owner is Karen. The kittens adopted by Karen are very important to her. At first, she was afraid that the giant dog would hurt the tiny kittens, but she was wrong.


Karen was worried that the dog would pounce on the kittens. A kitten is not afraid of the cute dog and even comes close to the dog and does not leave it. The dog is very gentle with the kitten.

It turned out that the dog was the adopted child of the kitten. A kitten named Jasper loves to chew on a dog’s claws to get its attention. The kitten loves the dog.


Now the kitten is adopted. Corbin the dog is missing his kitten. There are other kittens that he gets along well with. The dog understands that the kitten is safe and healthy.

Here is the video:

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