Survivor 43: Who Is James Jones? His Wife, Height, Family

Meet James Jones, one of a host of contestants set to compete for the million-dollar prize Survivors 43.

James has always been adaptable, ever since he became a ford fish on a college campus of 13,000 people, so he thought ‘why not continue survived also show?’. So, his season of the series began on September 21, 2022. So, here is the text that will tell you everything about who James Jones is, the height of him, family background, journey through Survivors 43and more.

James Jones He Survivors 43

James Jones still remembers watching the first season of Survivor. When Earl Cole won Survivor in 2007, James understood survived it was just a show to him. Because? Because he thought that in this game he could use his personal ability to communicate with people. Additionally, James said he wants to see if he can be as good a Survivor player as he thinks he can be when someone challenges him mentally, physically and emotionally. He also wanted to have fun and have a great experience and, of course, win a million dollars. So he applied and was lucky to be selected.

James grew up as a competitive chess player competing all over the United States. As a result, he didn’t see many other kids who looked like him during these competitions, which he says actually gives him a strategic advantage in the game.

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Then, when asked who the Survivor winners and losers he identifies with the most, James said it would have to be Earl (for winner) and the person he feels like he hasn’t won and is still the best is Cirie.

As for his guest list for alliances, he thought that he would deliberately look for people who were the opposite of him, even if it meant going against his instincts and opening his heart.

How old is James Jones?

Born in 1985, James Jones turned 37 in 2022.

James Jones Family

James Jones grew up in the church. He was an orderly and sang in the choir from the age of 6 to 17. And his dad was a deacon there, and my mom was a deaconess.

His mother, Natalie Jones, is no more. She lived to be 59 years old.

According to James, before he passed away on September 7, 2016, he overcame a lot to raise him and give him the foundation to be the person he is today. James shared on social media that he made sure he was raised in a safe home, went to church to develop a moral compass, and also took him to black history workshops as a child to help him gain a sense of self-worth. . He also made sure that James got into the best public school in the city and then made sure that he was able to travel the country playing chess as a high school student.

James also appears to have had a good relationship with his father, James Johnson Sr.

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James Jones seen in the past with his mom and dad (PHOTO: Instagram)

It was also noted in James’ mother’s obituary, she and James Sr. were married on January 28, 1983, they loved to travel to Hawaii of all places.

Lastly, since James also mentioned his 23-year-old niece Kira on social media, it’s possible he also has a sibling or more.

James Jones Wife

James Jones’ relationship status was unconfirmed as of 2022. So whether he had a partner, wife or girlfriend, no one knew. But then, by the looks of it in Survivors 43then he acted alone.

Is James Jones on Instagram?

You can find James Jones on Instagram @j2dajones (as Jay Jones) with 915 posts and 5153 followers.

James Jones Business

Professionally, James Jones is an event planner. He claims to have planned happy hours, lunches, and various other events. He also claims to have hosted a ‘First Friday Happy Hour’ for young black professionals in town before the COVID pandemic.

So with this job, James should probably be making $22.00 an hour working in Philadelphia, according to assessment. But it could also be very different since he has owned his own events company for some time.

Additionally, James spent almost 15 years working as a healthcare professional before coming to his senses. survived. On this show, Jones also talked about his trips from SEPTA to Masterman.

And when asked about his proudest achievement, he chose the incident when he won the US Open (the biggest chess tournament in the US) for his qualification when he was 12 years old. Playing against adults, he won $1,200, which was about $100,000 to him at the time.

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Regarding his education, James earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.

James Jones Height

Confident, casual and self-aware, James Jones is approximately 5’10”.

Related FAQ

  • When is James Jones’ birthday?

James Jones’ birthday is in May.

  • Where is James Jones from?

James Jones has been a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 2022, and was also born and raised here.

Also, just so you know: The things that bother James are “really” poor customer service and “nosy” salespeople.

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