StrikeFortressBox MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked) 1.8.06

APK information of StrikeFortressBox MOD

V1: Unlimited Money


  • regime god
  • car mode god
  • kill immediately
  • the fire is raging
  • maximum accuracy
  • Free shopping
  • unlock them all
  • control enemy vehicles

Want to have teammates and fight in the vast city? StrikeFortressBox is the game that helps fulfill that desire. With the dramatic action shooter mode, you can use a variety of weapons to eliminate enemies. Landing with players from all over the world, fierce gun battles make it easy to get started. For a limited time, you need to hold your gun to attack so as not to become a victim of this war. StrikeFortressBox will reward the best survivor with a win. Of course, they will be rewarded for their efforts. With the advantage of a large map, players can move freely.

StrikeFortressBox gives players explosive gun battles. All gunners from all over the world will appear in the battle, putting you under a lot of pressure from them. But fortunately, you are not alone. In addition, there are always kind teammates to support you when needed. However, you should not leave your team’s position for too long. Unfortunately, surrounded by enemies, escape seemed impossible.

Download the mod for StrikeFortressBox – Guns for Life

You are one of the warriors with a different gun than the rest. There are 3 different game modes like Sandbox, Team Battle and Battle Royale. During a 4-minute countdown, both teams will find their best players and detail each player on the leaderboard. StrikeFortressBox belongs to the genre of dramatic action game with a blockbuster weapon system. You can use any weapon that suits your abilities. Fights take place on the street or in some buildings. No matter where you are, if the place isn’t really self-contained, you could get shot.

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StrikeFortressBox mod download

different weapons

According to the publisher, StrikeFortressBox has more than 30 different weapons. Includes pistols, rifles, sniper rifles and some other equipment such as grenades. Therefore, to master the battlefield, you need to master all kinds of weapons. This is the only way to be safe in all situations. StrikeFortressBox allows players to carry a variety of guns, which can be swapped out as the battle progresses. For example, if you run out of ammo while firing, you can switch to another gun.

12 maps

You might think 12 maps is a small number, but each location is actually quite large. To fully explore each location, you’ll need to use a variety of other methods. GameDVA will continue to feature it below, so read on. Each map is built according to the system of buildings, roads, trees, grass… Players can use them as advantages to the battlefield.

combat vehicle

Besides the option of walking, you can also use many other means of transport such as planes, tanks and cars. Both are capable of combat and can carry additional teammates when needed. Instead of walking, use a vehicle that can help speed up travel. Players avoid being tracked and shot down by enemies from a distance. Just because they move faster makes it harder to hit you, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. You are only really safe when you win.

StrikeFortressBox mod apk

StrikeFortressBox puts you into battle with the best shooters everywhere. Connect online and show off your precision shooting skills in every game mode. Diverse weapon system and many modern support vehicles. Cooperate with your teammates and develop strategies according to your ideas to conquer your opponents. Be the leader of your team and help everyone win. Download the StrikeFortressBox mod and conquer the battlefield with your favorite guns.

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Download StrikeFortressBox MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money/God Mode/Unlocked)

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