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Myron who is still doing it thinks Z is good enough to make it to the end, to keep it going in the title. Alkmaarders win on Friday with a 4-0 lead at Man

Myron who is still doing it thinks Z is good enough to make it to the end, to keep it going in the title. Alkmaarders won 4-0 against Manchester United on Friday to move level on points with the division-leading powerhouse.

“If the experience of Ajax and later in the decision-making phase in the final? I certainly hope not,” he said still doing it in AD. “We are, I think, good enough to be last – and we will continue to be. We have to be like that.”

AZ is breaking through a difficult period, with a home game against Wigan and Champions League matches with LASK. On March 1, there is a shootout against Ajax in the Johan Cruijff Arena.

“We know how good we are and what we can do,” he continued, whoever is with him, one goal is to take over. “That’s the power of the right. After the game on March 1st, we’ll know, I guess, but a lot more. But first we have to, but we will win.”

the coach’s time is not occupied by the goal difference from AZ. (Photo: Pro-Shots).

In the end, the instructor was not involved in the goal difference. He finally returned after the game, very pleased with his team’s performance, although the coach secretly hoped it was a mistake. “Winning 4-0 is great for us,” the slot told FOX Sports.

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Even though aZ is equal on points with Ajax, the team finally took the lead, the home team has a better goal difference. The Alkmaarders are running to eleven games on the backs of competitors from the nation’s capital.

“I know, that’s the thing about goal difference, it’s still way behind the curve, but to be honest, I’m still working on it. I think it’s great that we’re clean and we’ve scored four times. And that’s quite Alright.”

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