Stephanie Boswell Parents: Michael And Lucinda Boswell

Meet Stephanie Boswell’s Parents: Michael and Lucinda Boswell

Below, you’ll get information about Stephanie’s parents’ job, age, social media reach, and current residence. Read on to learn more about her parents in this article.

Who are Stephanie Boswell’s parents?

Stephanie Boswell was born to parents Michael and Lucinda Boswell. As of 2022, she is 38 years old. She recently took on the role of a judge and mentor for a new Food Network show. bake or break. On the show, he helped struggling bakers get back on their feet.

In addition to her baking skills, Stephanie will also impart insights into the confectionery business that she has honed working in the industry for over a decade. She teamed up with HGTV’s Lauren Makk and Breegan Jane to revamp the storefronts and get customers back inside. So she knows that the food business and the home renovation business are coming together for this new Food Network offering, she’s sure to enjoy the broadcast.

As for his career, he started out as a pastry boy at TRU restaurant. She also worked for NAHA Restaurant as a pastry chef, after which she worked as a pastry chef at Sage Restaurant at Aria Resort and Casino.

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Also, in August 2018, Stephanie joined the corporate patissier as Lette Macarons.

Additionally, Stephanie was named one of CBSLA’s “Best Emerging Chefs in Los Angeles” as well as a “Woman to Watch” by LA Confidential magazine. She was also celebrated in Modern Luxury Angeleno magazine’s annual food issue for creating one of the 50 Best Things to Do in the Los Angeles Foodie Scene, citing the popular The Belvedere Faberge Egg dessert.

Meet Stephanie Boswell’s father, Michael Boswell

Meet Michael Boswell, father of Stephanie Boswell. Stephanie didn’t say much about her father. But we found out some details related to her age and career.

  • Michael Bosewell Age

Born in February 1947, Michael Boswell turned 75 in 2022.

  • Michael Boswell’s work

Michael Boswell is the inventor and patent holder. He is the author of several books, including the Hardie Irrigation Micro-Irrigation Design Manual, Micro-Irrigation Design Manual, and The Hydraulics of Flushing Side Lines of Drip Water. He is an employee of Hardie Irrigation.

Michael is the inventor of the Pressure Compensating Discharge Emitter and Linear Swirl Emitter Irrigation Hose. He obtained a patent for two of his inventions under the company name James Hardie Irrigation, Inc. The company was founded and registered in July 1974 and is headquartered in California.

  • Is Michael Boswell on Instagram?

Michael Boswell is not on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Meet Stephanie Boswell’s mother, Lucinda Boswell

Chef Stephanie Boswell’s mother is Lucinda Boswell. Stephanie once mentioned her mom on her Instagram when she wrote, “I’m going to my mom’s birthday party!”

  • Lucinda Boswell Age

In November 2021, Lucinda Boswell turned 75 years old.

  • Work of Lucinda Boswell

A LinkedIn profile suggests that Lucinda Boswell worked as a teacher in the Clovis Unified School District. In 2011 she also performed, after participating in the “Disaster Preparedness Fair”. She and the other locals learned how to be prepared for earthquakes because California is an earthquake-prone region.

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Experts from Caltech, the American Red Cross, and elsewhere gave presentations on first aid for pets, using ham radios to communicate in a major disaster, and the probability of a major earthquake in California; It is not a question of if, but of when. – and other topics.

She was also among the many visitors to the event. Recounting her experience after coming to the event, she said Patch, “I learned more about earthquake preparedness than I probably did before and…it was extremely valuable.”

Lucinda added: “I am absolutely blown away that this was offered. I’m thinking of applying for a ham radio license and will definitely buy some water tanks, fill them up and get ready.”

  • Is Lucinda Boswell on Instagram?

Like her husband Michael, Lucinda Boswell is not on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Related FAQ

  • Are Stephanie Boswell’s parents still married?

Stephanie Boswell’s parents could still be together. However, her absence from the public prevented us from confirming whether or not they are still married.

  • Where do Stephanie Boswell’s parents live?

Stephanie Boswell’s parents live in West Covina, California.

  • How many children do Stephanie Boswell’s parents have?

Stephanie posted photos of her two brothers in April 2021 and April 2020 on National Sibling Day. Our research shows that she has two brothers: Joseph Boswell (born June 1978) and Samuel Boswell (born December 1980). She can find Samuel on Instagram (@sam.boswell) and Facebook (@sam.boswell.96).

According to Bizapedia, Josip is also the owner. Sugar Studios, LLC. Sugar Studio is a visual effects production company.

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