Smile Ending Explained (In Detail)

this Smile The ending of the film explains that grief and trauma can ruin anyone’s life. Written by Parker Finn, based on his short film Laura is still awake, Smile At the heart is Dr. Rose Cotter (Susie Bacon), a therapist who begins to hallucinate after witnessing her patient take her own life. Patient Laura (Caitlin Stacey), who witnessed her professor’s suicide, becomes the target of a presence with a sinister grin. By the end of the film, anyone who had expected to see Ross escape safely was disappointed.

Smile also makes this terrifying entity unique, as it leaves viewers curious to know if there’s a way to stop it. Same as in the movie ring or it follows, a number that could almost be considered fateful, scary enough because it kept shifting from victim to victim. However, this is not just a movie with scary ghosts, it is a psychological drama about how hurt and grief can destroy a person from the inside until all hope is lost. Smile Viewers were hooked long after the final scene aired.

explain the curse in a smile

this Smile The film ends with a horrifying lens that explains the effects of trauma, adding layers of authenticity to the film’s meaning with complex tragic themes. After Laura’s death, Rose began to experience hallucinations of her own and began seeing the smiling creature. This strained her relationship with her sister and fiancé Trevor (boys‘ Jessie T. Usher) turns her life upside down, causing her to count down the days until her seemingly inevitable death. In search of answers, the film sees Rose enlist the help of former police officer Joel (Kyle Gallner).

Together, they found that Smile-related cases can be traced back to multiple people, none of whom lived more than a week after witnessing another’s death. Rose realizes that death is actually part of the curse, and that everyone dies in front of onlookers, imparting pain to them. Smile, Joel and Rose eventually meet an inmate named Robert Tully (Rob Morgan), who reveals that the entity hunting Rose feeds them on trauma. Her condition continued to deteriorate until she was forced to face the creature alone.

The film is equally concerned with psychological twists and turns. Smile As Rose’s life falls apart, she questions Rose’s horrifying experience. This structure allows the film to give the film a consistent wrong direction, helping to build its unsettling narrative. smile The central creature is intended not only to scare humans but also to serve as a metaphor for emotional pain, delivering a poignant message about the often inevitable nature of trauma, Rose’s fate as an example. example. Smile End of explanation. All of this makes the film a complicated story, with mental health implications and unexpected ending scenes. Smile to be compared to ringBut it offers a very different perspective.

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What happens at the end of the smile?

Sisie Bacon as Dr. Rose Cotter in Smile

this Smile The ending explains that the entity needs another person to witness her death to continue its curse, and Rose isolates herself in her childhood home. There, the entity transforms into her mother, revealing that she sent 10-year-old Rose to seek help after a drug overdose. Rose refused, and her mother died. Rose forgave herself in that moment, but that didn’t stop the creature, who had become a horrible version of Rose’s mother. She burned the creature and ran out of the house. The curse seems to be over and she visits Joel Smile Ended apologizing for pushing him out of her life.

in what can be considered one of the SmileThe best revelation, however, is that Joel turns out to be the creature in disguise, revealing that Rose never actually left the house but was instead trapped inside her own head. In the real world, Joel arrives at Rose’s childhood home, and when he walks in, she turns around with a sinister grin on her face. She then takes her own life in front of Joel, effectively passing the curse on him. Smile The camera’s focus on Rose’s death is reflected in Joel’s horrified eyes, suggesting that her fate will continue to befall others, thus ending the finale.

Why is the entity represented with a smile?

smile movie

the connection line between all the victims Smile It was the evil smile they wore before they died. This is relevant to trauma-living entities. As someone else explained Smile For the film’s protagonist, Rose’s therapist, Dr. Madeleine Northcote (Robin Wegert), the trauma is manageable but not completely gone. Smile Allegorical emotional pain is overshadowed by fabricated displays of happiness and optimism. The victim gave a wry smile as he performed the horrifying act. Their disturbing manifestations are the entity’s way of mocking the human response to psychological pain, which can further harm the victim.

Smiling as an allegory about trauma and mental health

The man covered his mouth with his hand in the movie laughing

this Smile The film ends with an explanation of the metaphor of one person taking control of one’s mind while dealing with trauma and the pressure people feel to cover their struggles with fake happiness. create. Smile In the end, she is a prisoner of her own thoughts. This is shown throughout the film as she gradually loses her grasp of reality, and those close to her try to stay away from her. The truth further proves it throughout the process SmileIn the story, this entity never appears to attack Ross. Instead, it was the various hallucinations it gave her that caused her to hurt herself.

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Even in the scene where the creature attacks Rose in the form of her healer, it’s unclear if that’s actually happening or if she’s hallucinating. The film strongly suggests that Rose’s plight is solely due to her doing something (due to the entity’s control over her), as shown by the terrifying images she experiences in her life. one place while staying in another for a few hours Appears later. Smile The film’s victim, Rose gradually loses control of her mind and body until her death, becoming increasingly dangerous to herself and those around her.

Victims Smile The fact that the creatures weren’t completely in control of themselves would also explain why they died no less than a week after being cursed. While the semi-specific time frame isn’t really explained, it may have something to do with the film’s emphasis on the importance of mental health, as instability victims quickly experience a decline in their sense of well-being. overall, eventually leading to their death. In this regard, the film can be seen to reflect that mental health problems are often seen as less serious than physical health problems and are sometimes treated unfairly as a result. This is the same as Smile The film explores trauma.

SmileThe central being is powered by it, and its way of spreading its curse contains a profound message about the effects of emotional pain. Smile Cursing is essentially a trauma that is passed from one emotionally traumatized person to another, as the common denominator for many victims is witnessing the death of a loved one. Smile The film depicts emotional suffering when a deadly virus has similar properties to the entity of 2015 it followsindividuals transmit it in one of two ways.

On the one hand, there are people who transmit it without realizing it – people who are completely controlled by the entity and forced to commit suicide in the presence of potential carriers. Then there are those who intentionally inflict pain on others in a futile attempt to get rid of their curse, such as Robert Talley, who killed others to escape his curse. like this, SmileThe entity of horror can be understood as pain and sadness in the face of trauma in an unhealthy way – and the smile itself is a symbol of this pain and sadness.

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Is there a possible Smile sequel?

bacon suzy smiling

Horror movies that make money often get sequels, and now this could be Smile Because of the box office success of the movie.this Smile The ending explains that the entity continues its insidious crusade, especially through Joel. As such, the film’s mythology fits very well with the sequel. No official sequel plans have been announced, but if Smile 2 It happened, not necessarily right after the end of the original book. As writer and director Parker Finn suggests polygon:

“I wanted the movie to really stand out. I wanted to tell the character’s story. That’s really important to me. I think there’s a lot of fun in the world of smiles. But of course, being a House. making movies, I never wanted to renovate anything I’ve done, so if there’s more Smile, I wanted to make sure it was unexpected and different from Smile. “

Even if the sequel has no next approach to continue Smile Ending with Joel still has the potential to create a unique horror franchise. Smile Taking a gripping and terrifying concept and maintaining its mythology could turn this property into a unique horror franchise. Curses are an eternal problem that can be found anywhere at any time, which perfectly positions future chapters for this world.

How Sosie Bacon Explains Smile Ends

Suzy Bacon smiled.

Sosie Bacon knows to enter Smile She won’t be the last girl because Smile The film’s ending explains that the story doesn’t have a happy ending. She even said that she’s glad the series doesn’t have a happy ending (via threonine). When talking about Rose’s final decision whether to commit suicide or kill to survive, she admits that she doesn’t like to think about it. However, she pointed out that Smile The ending explains that Rose wouldn’t be happy if she killed anyone.

“It’s sad for her. She walks into the house knowing she’s going to be eaten by monsters or if she can, she’s going to burn the house down. But at least she won’t make it through. [the curse] up, that’s an idea. So that’s her value, and I feel even more sorry for her because she didn’t get any of it. But I think I would be sadder if the movie had a happy ending. “

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