Shonen Manga’s First Black Female Hero Debuts in New Physical Release

warn! Spoilers for “The Clock Ringer” below!

Shōnen manga series clock strikerIntroducing the genre’s first black female protagonist, it’s about to receive its first physical release. Next year, Saturday Morning’s original digital series will be available in physical form, telling the story of Custer as he aims to become a member of the legendary Smith family of warrior engineers.The first shounen manga black heroine makes the jump from British shounen manga magazine Saturday morning.

Saturday morning is a shonen manga anthology that debuted in 2013, and the American publisher brings manga stories to life, showcasing “the most diverse manga anthology in the world.”Shōnen manga series published in the anthology include apple black Author: Odunze Oguguo, Zhaishang by Seni, and Titan King By Tony Dawkins.Saturday mornings also feature an anthology called “Saturday Brunch,” focusing on City Saint comics, and Saturday afternoon, and Saturday afternoon. Now, Saturday morning clock striker It will be released physically soon, showcasing the first black female hero in shounen comics.

clock striker Debuts in shounen manga anthology by Issaka Galadima and Frederick L. Jones Saturday morning Back in 2017, the story revolves around Custer, who is considered the first black female teenage comic book hero. Custer builds a robotic arm that doubles as a mobile laboratory, allowing her to train to become a member of the Smith family, a legendary warrior-engineer who has been missing for many years. She eventually met Philomena Clock, a former member of the Smith family who eventually trained Custer. The show’s synopsis follows Custer’s many “deadly adventures” as she is described as possessing “unfathomable offensive powers” in the form of scientific experiments and discoveries, while also being able to shoot from her cybernetic arms lightning.

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In the first adventure of a black female protagonist in a shounen comic, she will discover what happened to the Smith family and whether she can join the mysterious warriors she has not seen in a long time. The Clock Striker, soon to be published in a 224-page physical edition, will collect her earliest adventures.

See the character make his physical debut clock striker It’s a welcome sight as the American comic series introduces an exciting new character to the cast, one that comic readers sadly rarely see in stores. As the first black female protagonist in a shounen manga, Custer offers a diverse perspective that is sorely lacking in the genre. Readers will be able to purchase the physical version of “Clock Strikers #1” published by Rockport Publishers when it becomes available in comic book stores on February 7, 2023.

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