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As children, most daughters dream of adventures with their father when they grow up. However, only a few are lucky enough to realize it. Well, Sharik Atkinson was one of those blessed people whose childhood wish to compete in The Amazing Race alongside his father came true in 2022.

This Sharik Atkinson biography is about her.

Sharik Atkinson in Amazing Race 34

Sharik Atkinson was just 9 years old when he first watched The Amazing Race with his father, Linton Atkinson. Intrigued by the events, he would sometimes suggest that they should do it as a father-daughter duo.

“We watched all the episodes as a family when Sharik was growing up. We picked teams to root for, and we always root for father-son teams,” his father recalled.

Well, fast-forwarding to almost 15 years of watching, Sharik is now finally rooting for himself in The Amazing Race Season 34.

According to their father, Sharik’s “manifestations” bought them for the show. “His manifestation of him started to take off when he saw an ad on Instagram earlier this year for The Amazing Race actors,” Linton explained.

So Sharik and his father sent the tape, contacted the casting directors, and were eventually cast in the series.

Subsequently, the father-daughter duo spent months preparing by walking/running around New York. But still, Sharik knew that the preparation was not enough and she was “nervous, excited and terrified” the whole time. “It’s so surreal because this is a show we’ve been watching since I was younger. Seeing the series of headlines we’re in, it’s so absurd,” she added.

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Fortunately, Sharik and Linton made it through the first round.

On the other hand, contestants Aastha Lal and Nina Duong (a newly engaged couple from Marina Del Ray, CA) placed last in tasks like rolling a beer keg through a series of obstacles, cutting a log to get to the trail, and chip a large block of ice with a chisel and they were eliminated.

Sharik Atkinson mother and brothers

Sharik Atkinson loves his mother Darlene Atkinson and has no siblings.

Darlene (born: January 1973) graduated from the American College of Education and worked as an English teacher in New York public schools. She married Linton Atkinson in February 1994 (at the ages of 21 and 23 respectively). Since then, the two have achieved most of their dreams and have had an “amazing journey.”

“I know that our faith in God and our faith in the principles of the Bible kept us on the ground. Laughter, adventure, patience, tears, forgiveness and communication also play an important role in keeping us together,” he said. Darlene about their relationship. .

Also, Darlene only knows that they were together for over 27 years because he was Sharik’s father. She said: “I have a handsome, intelligent, God-fearing, ambitious, witty and modest man and together we have a beautiful daughter. I really couldn’t ask God for more. I love you Linton and I’m excited to continue our journey together.”

This is Darlene’s FB @darlene.atkinson.92.

Does Sharik Atkinson have a boyfriend?

Sharik Atkinson has not revealed her boyfriend in 2022. However, she has been open about dating in the past. vinny ferreira.

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Her (probably ex) boyfriend, Vinny, graduated from the University of Central Florida and later worked as an acquisition analyst at Blue Roc Premier LLC.

The two began dating in 2018.

Did you know: Sharik is openly queer.

Sharik Atkinson Age

Sharik Atkinson was 23 years old when he appeared in The Amazing Race 34 2022.

She was the youngest contestant that season. While her father Linton (then 50 years old) was her second oldest.

Work Sharik Atkinson

Sharik Atkinson is a production coordinator with a background in fashion, television/film and entertainment. As of 2022, she has freelanced for various companies including Pryor Hill Productions, Telfar TV, Netflix & Warner Bro, Nickelodeon, Avocados & Coconuts Productions, Superbloom Agency and others.

Prior to that, she worked as a production coordinator at Macy’s for 4 months.

Amazingly, she was also a computer science teacher at Orange County Public Schools for a year.

When Sharik is not working, he likes to make music. He even released a song called “Lipstic Stain” under the “Gin” moniker.

As for her education, Sharik graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Web Design in 2019 and was set to receive a Master’s in Digital Strategy from the University of Florida in 2023.

Is Sharik Atkinson on Instagram and Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @sharikgeneve, TikTok @geneveee, Twitter @sharikatkinsonand Youtube @sharikgeneve.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find her on Facebook.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Sharik Atkinson from?

Sharik comes from Jamaica. She and her family immigrated to Brooklyn in 2001.

Proudly representing her home country in The Amazing Race 34, Sharik shared: “This is for all the immigrant girls who haven’t seen people who look like them on screen. and for all the parents who moved her family thousands of miles away in search of a better life. this is for us.”

  • When is Sharik Atkinson’s birthday?

Sharik receives his birthday wishes on October 22 and belongs to the Libra zodiac sign.

  • How tall is Sharik Atkinson?

Sharik is 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs 68 kg (150 pounds).

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His distinguishing features include: hazel eyes, brown hair, and a fit body.

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