Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK (Unlimited money/Freeze the enemy) 1.32.1

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Info

V1: If you attack while the enemy is jumping, it will freeze. V2: Damage Multiplier/Stupid Enemies

Shadow Fight 3 Unlimited Money Guide MOD

A lot of people are interested in Shadow Fight 3 MOD Full Money Edition, today GameDVA will guide you how to do it. Note that only playing in offline mode, you can upgrade items, but not buy items in the shop. Anyway, the function of unlimited money, diamonds also allows people to easily experience new equipment. Please watch the video below for details.

Shadow Fight 3 is a game developed by Nekki after the success of Shadow Fight 2. Although it is an offline game, through Google’s data synchronization feature, every time a new version is updated or even deleted, it will device is reinstalled and all old data will remain. Shadow Fight 3 still comes with the fighting/RPG features that have become the developer’s trademark. Players can freely choose their own fighting style. This helps everyone unleash their creativity in combat, no matter who they’re up against. Bloody battles are waiting for you, an RPG now. Use basic skills, but do it professionally.

With a completely new visual, there are many new points for players to experience the changes in Shadow Fight 3. However, the main gameplay remains the same while many new features are developed. The world comes alive ahead, and many battles will take place there. The storyline is very deep, and if you understand the story, it will be very interesting. Weapons, equipment, characters… How will “Shadow Fight 3” change? Find out by installing the game and experience it now.

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Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD – Fight in the dark world

In times of change, darkness is everywhere. Shadow Fight 3 helps you encounter the strongest warriors. Be a hero, but your fate will be decided by you. Improve your skills to fight against powerful enemies. With Sarge’s direction, you get such a shocking Dang Rao. From the very beginning, the difficulty level was foretold. You need to be ready with everything it takes to beat your opponent with confidence.


Use this feature if you are unsure of how to fight. Gizmob will help you master the most basic skills, from moving, attacking… After learning, players can easily receive the task and complete it.

Various game modes

Shadow Fight 3 offers you many different game modes. There are different modes like Chapter, Event (Level 4+), Duel, Tournament, Mission, PVP (coming soon). The challenge of each mode is different, of course, what you get after winning is well worth it. Due to the requirements of the game, there are some items that you must complete in order to play. Shadow Fight 3 APK is for true heroic warriors.


What sets Shadow Fight 3 apart from other games is that not everything can be bought. Equipment is divided into many types such as hats, armor, swords… Initially, you will have thick swords, training uniforms, Visored Casque. Next, we need to collect more powerful items in the game mode. Winning players will receive items and possibly even more when they review the ad.


Special offers, items, enhancements, money, secret tickets are all here. In addition to trading items, players can also get some free items. Sign up for the free section to learn how to get it.

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Shadow Fight 3 . MOD Features

The version available Menu MOD has the following features:

When you enable this in the MOD Menu, when the enemy jumps up and you attack, the enemy will be frozen. Note that if you jump and get hit by an enemy, you will also freeze. Using the MOD version may be prohibited, be careful.

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk

It must be said that Shadow Fight 3 is really a fighting game full of surprises. Even on the map system, you have no way of knowing where to go next without completing the current chapter. Daily quests are also where you can easily get new equipment, but you need to reach level 2 to experience it. Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD Immersive RPG Heroes and defeat all the warriors on the hardest levels.

Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money / Freeze Enemies)

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