Sex and the City: Why Charlotte Kissing The Gardener Was Justified (Partly)

Charlotte York kisses the gardener at the MacDougal family estate sex and the city is partially far as sex and the city This moment isn’t particularly shocking by any means, although it does end up having some profound consequences. The moment, which occurred in the seventeenth episode of season three, clearly showed how frustrated Charlotte was with her marriage to her romantically challenged husband Trey.

Candace Bushnell takes a no-holds-barred look at relationships in New York City sex and the city The novel is arguably the perfect material to be adapted into an avant-garde television series. Running from 1998 to 2004, the HBO series broke new ground and challenged the range of acceptable topics for a television series.Although some today sex and the city While the show hasn’t matured well, the fact remains that its four leads – Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Kelly – bring the kind of raunchy hilarity that seals the sex and city Destiny is an award-winning and often controversial series.

Why Charlotte Kissed the Gardener in Sex and the City

Trey and Charlotte have been married for about a year sex and the city The relationship was questioned from the beginning. Their marriage was proposed by Charlotte, who desperately wanted to experience a fairy tale love story. Trey’s laissez-faire approach to it all should have been a warning, but Charlotte is overwhelmed by what she sees as a perfect life and love.

Not only that, the couple had not had sex before they were married, and it was only after they were married that Charlotte realized how selfless (and somewhat incompetent) Trey was in this charlotte and trey’s sex and the city As the relationship becomes increasingly distant, Charlotte begins to fantasize about the muscular gardener at the MacDougall family estate. Soon, these fantasies lead to temptation. Soon after, Charlotte gave in to her desires and kissed the gardener.

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from beginning to end sex and the city, Charlotte is not portrayed as a character who is unfaithful to her love interest. In fact, compared to the other three main characters, her character is arguably the most conventional in almost every way. However, Trey’s consistent lack of affection and emotional connection to her quickly becomes a major obstacle for Charlotte.The series is called sex and the cityAfter all, while Charlotte’s behavior may have gotten worse over time, and she may have enjoyed the financial security of being with Trey, she had no real physical love, nor did she feel that he was with him on a deeper level Care about her.

How Charlotte’s Kiss changed S&TC’s trajectory

Charlotte holds the rose given by the SATC gardener

Charlotte’s brief indiscretion may have been unfair to Trey as far as their marriage vows were concerned, but he simply wasn’t playing his part in the relationship. For this reason, it’s hard to begrudge Charlotte kissing the gardener. What’s more, the trajectory of the series changes subtly and significantly as a result of Charlotte kissing the gardener. For Trey and Charlotte, the kiss was more than a symbol of the beginning of the end.It also proved that she stepped up and took control of the direction she wanted to go, something that continued for Charlotte until sex and the city Revival Series.

Charlotte decided to do what was best for her, which ultimately led to her finding a happy family and true love with Harry. As for Samantha, Miranda, and Carrie, in the episodes following Charlotte’s Kiss , these characters have increasingly leaned toward more serious relationships. Miranda will discover she’s pregnant with Steve’s child, Samantha will struggle to fall in love with Richard, and Carrie will enter her infamous relationship with Aidan.All in all, women sex and the city The show entered a new phase, moving into more serious but engaging territory over the next few seasons.

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