Seth Gabel Movies & TV Shows: Where You Know The Salem Star

Here’s a quick guide to Seth Gabel’s movies and TV shows. American actor Seth Gabel is perhaps best known for his starring roles in WGN America as Puritan priest and witch hunter Cotton Mather. discount. He played God-fearing Cotton Mather for three seasons discountBut the actor has already begun to perform his role in the supernatural historical drama.

Seth Gabel’s first television role was as a mysterious Bigfoot-like witness in an episode of “Skunk Ape”. unsolved puzzle It aired back in 1998. Not long after, Gabel got an uncredited role in the movie tadpoles And beautiful mind before playing a role in a TV show sex and the city And distribution wave. However, his first truly notable role was as Adrian Moore – Famke Janssen’s teenage sociopath son Ava – in the second season of the FX drama series. Clamp/Grab.

Seth Gabel had his first notable film role in 2006 as a priest named Michael in the horror film starring Tom Hanks. The Da Vinci code. From 2007 to 2009, Gabel starred in the ABC show dirty sexy money As Jeremy Darling, the troubled son of Donald Sutherland’s Tripp character. 2010 was a big year for Gabel, who kicked off four decades playing Zach, Kate Gregson’s (Brie Larson) boyfriend in the second season of the Showtime comedy. Shows Tara’s United States In addition to his role as FBI agent Lincoln Lee in the Fox sci-fi series edge.

Postal-edgeSeth Gabel joined the cast of Arrow, reprising his role as supervillain Count Vertigo (aka Cecil Adams), and although TV work has always been the actor’s business, ever since There, he received several film roles. The Da Vinci code also.He appeared as an adviser to President Ulysses S. Grant of Aidan Quinn in the 2010s Jonah Hex and a small role in a romantic comedy set in the 1980s take me home tonight. He also played Lieutenant Danny Sefton in the 2012 war film loyalty and appeared in the 2015 independent film forever.

Most recently, Seth Gabel played serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the film. American Horror Story: HotelIn the first two seasons, he played two other real-life characters – Swiss-Italian engineer Michel Besso and French poet Guillaume Apollinaire. genius and played investor John Rice in Season 4 Billion Titled “A Appropriate Farewell.” When not acting, Seth Gabel is busy raising two children — Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel and Beatrice Jane Howard-Gabel — with actor and wife Bryce Dallas Howard.

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