Ségur health : the wage increases are specified

A draft agreement provides for a general increase in the salaries of the staff, non-medical, according to union sources. Four weeks after the launch of the “S

A draft agreement provides for a general increase in the salaries of the staff, non-medical, according to union sources.

Four weeks after the launch of the “Ségur health”, the negotiation on the compensation of the personal non-medical, reached a milestone this Friday, with a draft agreement providing for a general rise in wages and an extension cord for some trades, according to union sources.

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The consultation express touches the goal. Nicole Notat and his team have sent Thursday evening to the unions, “a préprojet protocol of agreement” on the “careers and salaries” of the agents of the public hospital service (FPH) – out physicians, which are the subject of a negotiation parallel. This document act, the principle of an “enhancement index” is identical to “all staff” owners and contractors, said the Unsa Health in a press release.

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“It lacks the essential, that is to say the envelope”

But “it would lack the essential, that is to say the envelope,” said a union official. Knowing that the index point is worth exactly 4,686 euros and that the FPH has nearly a million staff non-medical (full-time equivalent), each additional item would cost about 55 million euros per year.

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This general increase would be supplemented by “an additional surcharge” for “personal caregivers and medical-technical,” added the Unsa. The unions want to extend this measure to those sectors of rehabilitation (physical therapists, speech-language pathologists) and socio-educational (teachers, facilitators).

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in addition, some wage scales would be promoted, to “carry” the caregivers from the category C to B, and “converge” in a category Has the nurses still in category B. For something to satisfy a trade union leader, who said that”it is not far to conclude”, although it still lacks the “framing the budget”.

New decisive meeting

A new meeting, next week could prove to be decisive, with the presence announced by the minister of Health Olivier Véran. Provided that it does not come the empty hands: “If it comes with $ 5 billion, it’s not going to do it”, warned a union leader, which is estimated at 7 billion euros, the only revaluation general 300 euros claimed by several organizations.

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“It is a marker strong for us”, has confirmed one of its counterparts, for which the increase “must be done within two months”. In order to maintain pressure on the government, a new national day of action is planned on 30 June, according to multiple sources.

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