Scallop shell: This shell, you should eat now

She’s beautiful, but she’s lurking. A scallop shell, she lurks and watches. With your big pinhead, fluorescent and a ring around the rim of your eyes, she peeps d

She’s beautiful, but she’s lurking. A scallop shell, she lurks and watches. With your big needle head, fluorescent and ring around the rim eyes, it peers deep into the dark black water. Filter hairs inside the reinforced serrated edges of the shell indicate changes in water pressure and notify him of any danger. Seam a, so it moves. Yes, the Jacob’s cap can be turned back into a triple – and by means of water jet propulsion, like a water scooter. How do you do it?

her powerful sphincter muscle contracted so fast and hard that the water sank into the food between his two valves, displaced by emissions from the site. Oysters and Tumba shells can be stuck to stones and piles – the scallop is mobile. With each contraction of your muscle, you move a meter, and more.

panegyric speech,

O delicious sphincter, you are my desire! You are all power fatless and tender, neither bone nor cuttlefish bones complicate, nutty and sweet is your taste and carries its own house, that makes you the most beautiful among shells. Even after consuming your coffin, the domed part at the beginning And for the tray of new dishes of mussels and fish, in the meantime you have digested long ago and the story remains as a souvenir.

Coming down from the peak of my praise, I must now state a few facts. Scallop – it wasn’t you, but there are many of them. It’s a ramified, world encountered family. In Europe, two of its representatives: the large scallop (Pecten maximus) and the smaller Jacob’s scallop (Pecten jacobaeus). The first comes from the Atlantic Ocean, from the coasts of Ireland and Scotland, France and Norway; the other from the Mediterranean Sea.

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There are two methods of getting caught (because they caught you, not reaped). Method one high impact and stupid, method two sustainable and smart. In the case of a fishing boat strike, it is pulled into a comprehensive trawl through sandy ground (such as off the coast of Normandy), any aufraffend, that which lives. After that, the husks are separated from the rest. It was from Normandy, more shells.

In a sustainable method, for example in Norway, divers climbing from rocky shores into icy water up to four dives a day grab shells on the floor and put them in a bag. Hand-dipped clams are, as you can imagine, €2.50 a piece more expensive than those from the “killing fields” of trawlers, at €25 per kilo.

A great scallop based on a seafood recipe

Scallop, baked in its own box and surrounded by the scent of herbs and earthy mushrooms, is a real gem for the kitchen.

Near the Reeperbahn, at night …

Port of Hamburg, Greek restaurant “The Greek” (Vorsetzen 53), fine (but not fine) just around the corner, stellar newsroom, served delicious Scallop Sahabet Carpaccio:

Per person we expect 3 paired Jakob shells, at a table with four people, which makes a dozen (for the main course; for the Starter range, by size, for 1-2 shells).

First of all, I stain the shells. To do this, put 3 tablespoons of sea salt grains, 1 teaspoon of coriander, 1 teaspoon of peppercorns and 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds. Half of this Gekrümels on a ceramic or glass dish, then collect all the shells. I arrange the shells, add salt with the second half of the spice mixture and leave for 2-3 hours. Then I take them out, wash them under cold running water, dry them, put them on paper towels. This step is optional and not done by the restaurant; because it enhances the flavor of the shell, but I recommend it.

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While the shell is seasoning, I cut a pod of not too hot red fresh chili into very fine cubes; I also cut chives into rings; peel and peel the ginger and cut it into very small cubes; 1 bunch of beets, I tear off one leaf; and, also, I mean 1 Biozitrone (for abrasion), ditto Bottarga (explanation to follow) and fine, sauscharfe ribeyes, with salt and pepper.

I mix lemon juice, orange juice, honey, salt, pepper and olive oil into a delicate spicy vinaigrette.

Jacob Cut the scallops horizontally into slices approx. 3 mm thick. Do I distribute on a serving dish, moisten with a little vinaigrette and season with the other ingredients mentioned, I have meat, verriesele peas, but quite rare as in abundance. Serve and enjoy.

Bottarga is a stick of hard, dry, heavily salted mullet roe, rubbed like Parmesan cheese, only less often. Whoever finds it takes trout caviar.

Whole or split shells?

Who has clams is the source for a hand-dipped Jakob in a clam and a delicious ass in his pants, before he pulls the bulk. A shell does not live – what is shaken but a sailor. Because of killing with intent, we kick all the children out of the kitchen. Then the shell is semi-round side down and drive a sharp knife between the closed lid – hard under the top, flat lid along. This separates the muscle from the cover, which opens like a pocket watch. With a knife, cut the muscles together with the surrounding Kladderadatsch in half from the round shell. Separate the muscle from the rest with your fingers and wash it. Goo, save the clam broth for the future fish and mussel ragout.

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