Russell Brand locked me in dressing room & pinned me to sofa – he had glazed look & became very nasty, claims woman

A WOMAN claims Russell Brand cornered her in his dressing room after telling her: “This is why you’re here.”

His latest accuser, who does not want to be named, said he also had a “glassy” look seen by other alleged victims.


Woman claims Russell Brand cornered her in his dressing room (Photo) Credit: GettyBrando's latest accuser also claims he told her: 'This is why you're here'


Brando’s latest accuser also claims he told her, ‘This is why you’re here’ Credit: Rex

She told how she was 21 years old when she first met the comedian and actor after a show in 2008 at London’s Soho Theatre.

She went to another a few weeks later in Chelsea, when she and a friend were invited to an upstairs bar “for a drink”.

The woman said: “As I was walking in I tripped and spilled all my drink on Russell’s leather trousers.

“I was so embarrassed but he leaned over and said, ‘Oh my God’. I remember him helping me up but he was so close to me. It was really suspicious.”

She said Brand, then 33, asked for her number and later sent racy photo requests.

The woman recalled: “I ended up sending him a picture in my bra and pajamas.”

After another pat down in West London, two security guards took her and her friend upstairs.

She said: “I thought we were going to the bar. But when the door opened and I realized it was his dressing room, my heart sank and I felt nervous.

“Russell was sitting with his legs up eating strawberries. He pointed at us and said, ‘I want you to sit on the sofa too.’

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She said that he then asked them to have sex with each other, which they refused.

She added: “He was very persistent, he said, ‘Come on, you’re here now. Keep doing it, you know you want to do it,’ and ‘This is why you’re here.’”

The woman said her friend got angry and left, leaving her alone with him.

She claimed Brand made her sit on the sofa, adding: “I was trying to push him away and saying, ‘I have to go, I have to find my friend’.

“He was kissing my neck and holding me down.

“He was telling me to stay. This went on for ten minutes until he stopped.

“Something in him changed and he became very nasty, very fast. He started saying, ‘Don’t you know who I am? Why don’t you want to do this’?”

She said he told her to get out and later apologized to her for being “so persistent.”

The woman claimed she never heard from him again after replying: “If someone says no, you can’t pressure people.”

She said that she did not think that the police would “take it seriously”.

But she said the C4 messages, in which Brand was accused of raping and sexually assaulting a number of women, “took it all back”.

She added: “When I heard someone talk about the glaze look, I knew exactly what she meant.”

Brand, 48, who denied “serious criminal charges”, was asked for comment.

The woman also said he had a 'glazed' look seen by other alleged victims


The woman also said he had a ‘glassy’ look seen by other alleged victimsCredit: YOUTUBE/RUSSELL BRANDBrand (48) denied 'serious criminal charges'

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Brand (48) denied ‘serious criminal charges’


Author: Rod McPhee

BBC director-general Tim Davie is not ruling out an external assessment of Russell Brand’s time at the Beeb.

It would be in addition to the internal that is already taking place.

He insisted the corporation had acted appropriately over outrageous prank calls to actor Andrew Sachs in 2008, which saw Brand resign from his Radio 2 show after complaints.

Speaking about a potential external review, Mr Davie said: “I haven’t ruled anything out. I think the correct approach at this point is a serious internal review.”

And asked about previous rumors of Brando’s bad behavior – when the Beeb boss was working as director of audio – he said: “Looking back what you could always think about, maybe there were things you could look at.”

It came after Channel 4 boss Alex Mahon said the Brando scandal showed “horrific behavior towards women has historically been tolerated” on TV.

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