Run The World Season 2: Andrea Bordeaux Responds To Firing Over Vaccine

run the world Actress Andrea Bordeaux has reacted to her exit from the show before its second season. Starz’s critically acclaimed Harlem comedy run the world The show starts airing in 2021. The play revolves around four dynamic black women in their thirties: Whitney (Amber Stevens West), Ella (Bordeaux), Renee (Bresha Webb) ) and Sandy (Corbin Reed)—who explore their personal and professional lives while holding each other up and breaking stereotypes.Starz renewed due to its popularity run the world A month after Season 1 ended, but on Thursday, Bordeaux announced that she would not be joining the rest of the cast for Season 2 because she failed to meet the requirement for all cast and crew to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

As expected, Bordeaux’s exit sparked some heated discussions among the show’s fanbase and public, and now the actress has broken her silence, detailing the specifics of her departure on Instagram. According to B0rdeaux, it wasn’t her decision to quit the show, but she was fired from Lionsgate, which produces the show, for failing to comply with vaccine regulations. Bordeaux explained that she had a great time playing Ella and that she would love to continue her journey on the show, but that’s currently not possible. Additionally, the actress reflected on her personal beliefs while sharing her thoughts on mandatory vaccination policies that are increasingly being adopted given the fluidity and severity of the pandemic. Check out what the actress posted below.

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With production regularly disrupted by new variants and strains, studios have been beefing up their coronavirus safety protocols. Many producers have adopted mandatory vaccination policies to ensure better protection for their casts and crews, although this has not been without controversy, as it has resulted in multiple stars leaving or being fired from ongoing projects.Some notable cases include Ice Cube’s oh damn Exit and Emilio Estevez mighty duck Their departures caused huge controversy on social media. These questions are likely to continue as Hollywood continues to navigate the volatile and unpredictable pandemic.Currently, there is no information on whether run the world Bordeaux will be recast or her character eliminated, but fans can expect updates in the coming weeks as the show prepares for production on its second season.

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