Resident Evil 4 Remake: Release Date, Demo, Story & Gameplay Changes

like a remake Evil 4 Closer to the long-awaited launch date, details about the game update’s plot and gameplay are slowly being revealed. Continuing the series’ trend of high-quality remakes of classics, Evil 4 Now approaching a more modern era for the series, the original game is more akin to the remake than the original in terms of gameplay. Evil 2 or 3. Furthermore, as a popular and exceptionally well-loved classic, the legacy of the original Evil 4 Leave a lot for the remake.

as a remake, Evil 4 Seems to be mostly faithful to the original, recently released game RE4 redo The beta continues the trend of the series, allowing players to experience a new interpretation of the game’s opening. Like the original Evil 4the remake tilts the series’ balance in a more action-oriented direction, with gameplay that pushes protagonist Leon Kennedy towards fighting enemies rather than simply surviving, as is the case with the game Evil 2. with the original RE4The game’s variety, gameplay, and cheesy tone are being loved by many fans, and if the game’s remake can maintain its best aspects, it could surpass the original. .

Resident Evil 4 Remake Release date is approaching

Evil 4 redoThe release date is set for March 24, 2023, three years after the remake Evil 3and the difference of two years Devil’s Village. And RE4 With pre-orders and variants of the remake already available for purchase on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam, the game is ready to launch relatively smoothly on consoles and PC. Since its initial release in June 2022, the game has received a number of trailers highlighting the story and gameplay, further released as an online ARG, and recently released a short demo. for players to experience RE4 redoThe first part of the game.

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Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo allows players to experience the full game

A Ganado villager in Resident Evil 4 Remake with a potato pocket with a ring on his head and a chainsaw in his hand.  Beside them was the stairs, where a severed hand was located.

Most recently published on March 9, Evil 4 chainsaw demonstration Let the player experience the game until the end of the village survival – about half of the first chapter of the original game. Although initially vaguely announced, the mini-prequel ARG on is RE4 redoDemo Release Date – Finally, direct players to the most recent Capcom Showcase Twitch stream, where a demo release date has been announced. However, in addition to the beautiful accumulation before the release, Evil 4belong to saw machine experiment There are also some strange secrets in its gameplay.

While primarily intended to allow players to try out the improved opening, chainsaw demonstration There are secrets that dedicated players can find. The first has to do with the final step of the ARG game, which requires the player to enter the last word into an interactive raw spell in the side room of the demo’s first house. But also, RE4 remake The demo has a secret hardmode that can be accessed randomly or with a password. The final secret lies in the village – players who drop their inventory before entering will be able to find the fully upgraded TMP, which can be found in the underground passage for the rest of the game.

The plot of Resident Evil 4 remake changed a bit

Luis Sera from Resident Evil 4 Remake poses during the intro.

in spite of Evil 4The remake seems to stick to the original’s story more closely, and there are some indications that the game will at least make some major changes. The demo, as well as promotional materials, suggest that the remake will retain the cheesy tone of the original game, with Leon spewing malicious slurs and joking around with other characters, but some RE4 The trailer for the remake could spoil major story changes. In particular, Luis Sera seems to live later in the remake’s story than in the original.

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Also, while the remake seems to retain the original’s B-movie cheese, the developer also says that the horror elements of the game will also get more attention. Some of the game’s slightly altered tone can be seen in the demos and trailers, with the game’s enhanced visuals allowing for darker, more atmospheric environments and scarier depictions. evil residentIconic body horror elements. In addition to some new mechanics Resident Evil 4 remakeGanados makes them even scarier, and the remake seems poised to bring more horror aspects to Resident Evil.

Gameplay changes for RE4 remake

A Ganado villager from Resident Evil 4 Remake approaches the camera, brandishing a weapon.

Between evil residentdifferent remake, RE4 remakeThe gameplay looks most similar to the original game, with the same general combat mechanics and inventory system. However, there are a few important changes that greatly affect how the game feels. For example, Leon can move when on target in the remake, giving him increased mobility in extreme situations and the ability to switch weapons quickly without accessing his inventory. Perhaps his best new tool is his new form of knife parry, having the knife ready before an attack lands will cause Leon to block, stagger enemies, and launch attacks. their close combat.

In addition to reducing controversy RE4 Features like Quick Time Events, the remake also has some new systems not present in the original game. Item crafting has expanded beyond healing herbs and now includes gunpowder and resources for crafting ammo, similar to recent entries like Evil 2Remake of . In addition, the function of the knife has been expanded – in addition to parrying, it can also be used to quickly escape capture, finish off fallen enemies and even be used to kill sneak quickly. However, this functionality comes at a cost, as the knife also has a new limit to durability, but can also be repaired or upgraded at the merchant.

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with the remake Evil 4 Now that it’s out, the game’s pre-release promotional cycle may be over – luckily, the game seems to be much more easily avoidable. RE3Worst mistake ever. Still, recreating a beloved classic is still a daunting task, though Evil 4The remake seems poised to exceed expectations, and only the full version of the game will prove whether it will live up to the legacy of the original.

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